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Is Umbrella Insurance Necessary?

You may not consider umbrella insurance to be necessary but they are a valuable tool to financially protect you and your family.  One thing that makes these policies unique is that they only go into effect when your other policies are maxed out.  For instance, is someone is injured at your home due to your negligence, your home insurance policy will cover their medical and legal expenses.  When the policy reaches its cap, the homeowner is responsible for the additional funds.  For most people, this would be a financial burden.  An umbrella policy can help you recover more quickly.  At the Sanford Group, our agents work with homeowners throughout the Ball Ground, GA area.  They can explain how an umbrella policy to benefit you.

Umbrella insurance policies are designed to financially protect you.  In the example of someone getting injured, your home insurance policy may cover $200,000 but if their bills are $350,000, you are responsible for the balance.  As another example, if your home is destroyed by a disaster, your home insurance can help you rebuild.  If it doesn’t cover the total cost of construction, again, you’re responsible for the additional funds.  With an umbrella policy, you’ll have a helping hand when you really need it. 

In the Ball Ground, GA area, our agents at The Sanford Group want to help you with your insurance needs.  Explore the website for general information then contact us to visit.  Our agents can help you decide if umbrella insurance is a good fit for your family.  They can help you understand the details so that you can make an informed decision.  Having a financial tool like umbrella insurance is very important for the protection and quick recovery following a disaster.  Don’t wait!  Call us today for more information. 

Did You Know You Can Have Specific Insurance For Your Classic Car?

Ball Ground, GA has miles of scenic routes surrounding it and many people enjoy taking their classic car out of the garage on a Sunday evening for a leisurely drive and occasional meet-ups to compare their old cars. You may see diner parking lots full of classic cars like a fantasy car lot from the fifties or sixties on any random day of the week in the south. These rare finds are treated as a treasure by their drivers and often need specialized insurance because their value is not easily dictated by the blue book. At The Sanford Group, we offer quality insurance to cover your needs including classic car insurance. 

Classic Car Insurance Considerations

  • The blue book value for the car is likely vastly different than the actual value if the classic car has been carefully restored and garage kept.
  • The classic car may not be driven often. If it is garaged often and only pulled out occasionally you may be able to save on insurance in some circumstances.
  • The classic car might not be driven at all. In some cases, a classic car is only transported in a semi and it never has the risk of an open road. If this is true then the insurance policy could be entirely different. 
  • Even if your classic car is still in the "junker" phase as you begin the restoration process small upgrades should be noted in your policy to ensure proper coverage if there is an accident before it is complete. 

The Sandford Group serves the communities in and around Ball Ground, GA with comprehensive insurance services. Contact us today to discuss your classic car and see if we can provide you with coverage that is exactly what you need for your situation. 

3 Ways to Protect Your Home Business with Commercial Insurance

If you’re planning to run a business from home, keep in mind that home insurance has limitations in the business protection it provides. In fact, you’d do well to consider protecting your home enterprise with commercial insurance. A commercial policy from The Sanford Group will ensure your home business in Ball Ground, GA has the essential protection it needs to grow and prosper. Here are a few ways you can protect your fledgling enterprise with commercial coverage.

Property Coverage

Your home office, like the rest of your home, is prone to risks like theft, vandalism, and disaster damage. If an unforeseen disaster such as fire breaks out in your home and destroys your business equipment, commercial property insurance can help compensate you for your loss. Property insurance covers such equipment as computers, printers, scanners, office furniture, etc., along with any inventory you may have stored in your home. This protection can save you thousands of dollars in replacing this equipment on your own.

Liability Coverage

If someone is injured in an accident while visiting your home for business purposes, you could be held liable for their medical costs. A serious accident could put you at risk of a lawsuit. General liability insurance protects your business from third-party claims and lawsuits, safeguarding your business revenue against loss.  This enables you to continue investing in your company to help it grow.

Business Interruption

A major disaster in your home could bring your home business to a standstill, putting you at risk of losing customers and valuable revenue. Business interruption coverage compensates you for lost revenue, payroll (if you have employees), taxes, and other operating expenses to help your business recuperate from a major disaster.

To learn more about commercial coverage for your Ball Ground, GA home business, call or visit The Sanford Group today.

3 Reasons to Upgrade Your Life Insurance in Ball Ground

If you already have life insurance, it’s because you wanted to take care of the people in your life just in case something happened to you. It’s a responsible choice that not everyone gets credit for until a tragedy occurs. But if you live in Ball Ground, GA, it may be time to consider the reasons why people choose to upgrade their coverage. The most surprising part about upgrading is that sometimes people will do it as much for themselves as for their loved ones. The Sanford Group wants you to know more. 

You Want Extended Coverage 

Some people will choose a life insurance policy with an expiration date attached to it. That is, the policy will expire when a child turns 18 or 21 and the policy cannot be invoked after that particular date. However, it’s not unusual for a policyholder to decide that they would rather have more unlimited coverage for their loved ones, regardless of how old they are. Or they may take on a spouse later in life and choose to purchase permanent insurance for them. 

You Want a Safety Net 

The right insurance policy can be used as a savings account if times get tough. Plenty of seniors will withdraw from their policies during retirement if they need to. To learn more about the conditions of these policies, you can speak with an insurance agent who will tell you everything you need to know. 

You Want a Better Insurance Partner 

Sometimes insurance can be upgraded just by finding a better insurer. If you’re in Ball Ground, GA and want to understand more about life insurance upgrades, give The Sanford Group a call today to talk to someone who can give you the facts. 

Auto insurance options for Uber and Lyft drivers

Many people are utilizing their cars for participating in ride-sharing companies such as Uber and Lyft.  These companies have become two of the most popular ways to make money driving people where they need to go.  Because you’re driving often using one of these services, you have to be selective in choosing the right insurance coverage.  Our agents at The Sanford Group, serving Ball Ground, GA, are well qualified in assisting you in finding the right coverage.

Options for ridesharers

If you’re involved in the ridesharing industry, it’s very vital to have auto insurance.  The more you use your car, the more important it is to have insurance.  Georgia drivers are required by law to have automobile liability insurance for at least the minimum limits.  However, some ride-sharing services may offer additional coverage.  Uber offers supplemental insurance, in addition to your own auto insurance.  This insurance is only active when the driver is using the app.  Previously, the ride-sharing service only offered insurance coverage when the passenger was in the car.  However, due to a series of accidents resulting in lawsuits, Uber decided to update their policy.

Lyft and some of the other ride-sharing services point to the $1 million per incident excess liability coverage.  This coverage is required by certain states and designed to deal with liability claims.

Our Agents are Here to Help

However, before deciding to use your car for business purposes, like ridesharing, you have to find out what your insurance covers. We at The Sanford Group have qualified agents available for professional advice in finding the right insurance for your situation.  If you reside in the Ball Ground, GA area, feel free to contact our office for more information today.            


3 Ways to Prepare Your GA Home For the Summer Heat

Living in Ball Ground, GA, our clients are aware of the steaming summer heat that is inevitable. At The Sanford Group, we want our clients to prepare their homes from the summer heat and stay cool through the warmest months. 

Invest in Ceiling Fans

Head over to your local hardware stores for ceiling fans in the rooms you frequent the most. Although you have an AC unit, some days in the summer will reach temperatures that are hard for your AC to keep up with. The assistance of ceiling fans spread the cool air and give the AC unit a chance to catch up and not wear out as quickly. 

Darkening Curtains

You can purchase darkening curtains for your home. They are designed to eliminate sunlight and heat from coming into your home. This keeps the cool air inside your home and keeps your air conditioning from overworking on the hottest of days. With your air conditioning working less, it will help with utility expenses throughout these months. 

Inspect Your Windows

Over time, harsh weather can damage your windows, allowing cool air to escape and external heat to enter your home. This is very common in older homes that have original windows. If this sounds like your house, it is time to inspect your windows. If they are not properly insulating your home, they need to be replaced so that you can keep the warm air out of your home this summer. 

Call Us Today!

If you are looking for a new home insurance policy or just want to see what your options are, call us at The Sanford Group today. We proudly serve clients living in and around Ball Ground, GA. We look forward to assisting you with your home insurance needs. 

What type of life insurance should I get?

People that are in the Ball Ground, GA area need to evaluate their insurance needs from time to time. When someone is looking to improve their personal insurance coverage, one type of coverage to consider is life insurance. Those that are looking to get life insurance will find that there are many options to consider. It is important to consider the benefits of both whole and term life insurance to figure out what form of insurance you should get. 

Whole Life Benefits

One common form of life insurance to consider is whole life insurance. With this form of insurance, you will get coverage for the rest of your life under the same policy. While the premium payments can be a lot higher than a term life option, it is also a good investment alternative. Over time, your premium payments will build up and you will have a sizable value in your life insurance account that can be liquidated. 

Term Life Benefits

With a term life insurance policy, you will receive a certain level of coverage for a specific period of time. Normally, the coverage will last for a term ranging from ten to thirty years, although other more flexible options are often available. While it does not provide the same investment benefits as whole life, the insurance premium payments compared to the coverage level you receive is far less. 

Choosing the right life insurance policy in the Ball Ground, GA area can seem complicated. If you are looking to get insurance in this area, you should reach out to the team at The Sanford Group. When you contact The Sanford Group, they will be able to evaluate your situation, needs, and budget to find a policy option that is right for your situation. 

Three professions where commercial insurance is important to have

Commercial insurance is always a good thing for any business owner to have. However, it’s especially important in certain professions. At The Sanford Group, we offer commercial insurance in Ball Ground, GA to those working in a wide variety of professions.

The following are three professions where commercial insurance is important to have. 


Doctors in any specialty and working at any type of health care institution could be subject to a malpractice lawsuit. These lawsuits can be very costly. In fact, a malpractice lawsuit can even destroy a doctor’s career if he or she is not carrying adequate malpractice insurance.

A lot of healthcare establishments require doctors working for them to carry professional liability insurance. Almost every doctor practicing in the US carries some type of malpractice insurance to protect themselves against potential lawsuits. 


Another profession where professional liability insurance is important is for attorneys. If an attorney has professional liability insurance, it will give him or her greater confidence to take on cases. It will also give clients greater confidence in hiring a lawyer. 

Attorneys can be accused of malpractice just like doctors can. If they are accused of malpractice, they may need to pay hefty settlements to put the issue behind them. This is why professional liability insurance is so important for attorneys. 


Insurance is important for contractors because accidents on construction sites can be extremely costly. While most contractors will carry a bond to protect themselves financially, some also carry liability insurance for added protection. 

If you’d like to learn more about the commercial insurance demands of your profession, get in touch with us at The Sanford Group. We offer commercial insurance policies to businesses in Ball Ground, GA. 

What is the Benefit of Getting Home Insurance in Ball Ground?

Buying a home can be a great long-term financial decision for people all over the Ball Ground, GA area as it provides a variety of benefits. At the same time, it is a very major asset that you need to properly cover with insurance. There are many benefits that come when you get a home insurance policy for your Ball Ground home. 

Protects Your Valuable Asset

One of the main reasons to get a home insurance policy on your Ball Ground property is because it will protect your very valuable. Your home is going to be the most valuable asset that you will ever own. Due to this, you should protect it as well as you possibly can. A great way to do this is by getting a quality home insurance policy that protects against many different risks.

Gives Protection for Liability

Property owners also need to think about the increased risk of liability that they have once they own a property. Since you own an asset that has equity, you have more to lose. Due to this, you need to make sure that your are properly covered for liability insurance. When you have a home insurance policy, it is going to include liability insurance that will ensure you have protection in the event you are found liable for an accident in your home. 

There are plenty of benefits that come when you get home insurance for your property in Ball Ground, GA. When you are going to buy a home or are evaluating your home insurance needs, you should call The Sanford Group. The insurance professionals at The Sanford Group can help you to better determine the right type and level of coverage that you need for your home insurance coverage. 

Is Auto Insurance in Georgia Really a Necessity?

For people all over the Ball Ground, GA area, driving a car is a basic necessity in order to get around town and to work. Along with this, all people in this area need to carefully think about their auto insurance needs. There are several reasons why auto insurance is a necessity for people in this area.

Required by Law

One reason why having auto insurance in Ball Ground, GA is a requirement is that it is actually required by law. The state of Georgia requires that all drivers have insurance at all times when they are on the road. To comply with this legal requirement, you are going to need to have at least the minimum level of liability auto insurance at all times. Otherwise, you could face stiff penalization.

Lender Requirements

Additionally, any auto lender is going to require that you carry auto insurance at all times. On top of the minimum liability insurance, you will also need to carry collision and comprehensive insurance. This will cover you for virtually any situation that could cause a loss including auto accident damage, theft, or fire damage. The lender will require this to make sure that their collateral is covered. 

As you are shopping for auto insurance, it is important to work with a company that has your back and a lot of experience. The Sanford Group is a great company to contact when you start the process of buying a car and shopping for auto insurance. When you contact the team at The Sanford Group, they will be able to help you find a policy that is right for your situation and covers you as well as possible. This will ensure that you have peace of mind and are in compliance with all regulations. 

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