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Do Life Insurance Policies Require Medical Exams?

When many people sign up for life insurance, they are concerned that they need to undergo a medical exam. If you are thinking about getting life insurance, there are a few things you need to know about policy requirements.

The Sanford Group, which provides insurance services to the people of Ball Ground, GA, understands that your privacy is important. You may not want to undergo a medical exam, and that’s fine. Here’s how your choice impacts potential life insurance policies.

Life Insurance Usually Requires Quick Medical Exams

When a life insurance company requires a medical exam, it is generally a quick one. You will be assessed for things like blood pressure, heart rate, and other major conditions. The appointment is more like a physical than a thorough examination of your entire body in some cases.

If you want to know what kind of exam is required ahead of time, an insurance professional can help you determine what will happen and what the doctors will look for.

Medical Exams Help a Company Assess Risk

These medical exams serve an important purpose. They show the insurance company what level of risk they are taking on by providing you with an insurance policy.

Some Exceptions Exist

Of course, not every insurance policy will require that you undergo an exam. Some exceptions are out there, and an insurance policy can help you find the right policy based on your needs.

Learn More About Your Life Insurance Options

The Sanford Group serves Ball Ground, GA, offering a variety of life insurance options to choose from. Call the office today to learn more about life insurance options and whether you need a medical exam to be approved for the right policy.

Must-have Commercial Insurance Coverages

Commercial insurance must be a priority if you want to build a business that will last now and many years to come in Ball Ground, GA. Commercial insurance saves your business potential losses emanating from risks like theft, fire, vandalism, and so on. But because business insurance is broad, you can’t purchase all the available coverages for your business. However, The Sanford Group shares commercial insurance options you should consider for your business, regardless of the size or nature.

Liability insurance

All businesses, whether startups or seasoned, are faced with liabilities. Your business could be faced with property damage, adverting, or personal injury claims from third parties. Unfortunately, third-party claims are expensive, and only a few businesses can finance the costs from their pockets.

For this reason, you must invest in general liability coverage. It’s not mandatory, but you need it when the unthinkable occurs.

Worker’s comp insurance

Since your employees are one of your most prized assets, investing in coverage that protects their welfare makes sense. Worker’s comp insurance shields your workers from injuries and covers partial loss of income when they can’t resume work.

Commercial property insurance

Besides employees, assets are the next best thing in your business. Without assets like computers, furniture, inventories, and buildings, it would be nearly impossible to run your business. Thankfully, investing in commercial property insurance shields your business assets from risks like fire, theft, and natural calamities.

Commercial auto insurance

Commercial auto insurance differs from personal auto insurance. If you have business vehicles, you must invest in commercial auto insurance to protect your car and driver following an accident.

Learn more about commercial insurance today!

Would you like to learn the type of coverage suitable for your business? If you are in Ball Ground, GA, and its environs, please book an appointment with The Sanford Group.

Ball Ground, GA Earthquake Insurance Options

When thinking about earthquakes, the mind tends towards thoughts of events in California rather than seismic events in Ball Ground, GA.  The reality, however, is that The Peach State is crisscrossed with fault lines that are subject to seismic activity.  For residents with questions about your Ball Ground, GA earthquake insurance options and coverage availability, seek out the services of a qualified insurance agent from our offices here at The Sanford Group.

Ball Ground, GA Earthquake Insurance Options

The devastation that a Georgia earthquake can be wrought on your home or property can be severe, so it is important to sit down with your insurance agent to discuss your Ball Ground, GA earthquake insurance options.  Making sure that you are adequately covered for seismic activity in your area requires you to be proactive.

A great deal is on the line when it comes to protecting your commercial and residential property, and making sure that your coverage and protection is up-to-date means understanding the danger and taking steps to mitigate any losses to your personal or business property.  You need to trust the information you get, and that is why our team at The Sanford Group is proud of the work we do every day for our neighbors in Ball Ground, GA.  

Contact The Sanford Group Today

When you are ready to get the information you need regarding your Ball Ground, GA earthquake insurance, contact our friendly team here at The Sanford Group to discuss your coverage needs.  Serving the greater Ball Ground, GA area, we offer a myriad of policy options for area residents, so don’t wait until the ground is already shaking before reaching out to our team for answers.

Should you have auto insurance in Georgia?

The Ball Ground, GA area can be a great place to live. In this area, there are a lot of recreational amenities and professional opportunities. To ensure you can enjoy the area as much as possible, you need to get a vehicle as it will make it much easier to get around the community. If you do purchase a vehicle here, you also need insurance. You should have auto insurance here for a few important reasons. 

Comply with Requirements

A reason you should get auto insurance coverage is so you can comply with whatever requirements you have. All drivers in Georgia are required under law to carry liability insurance. Also, if someone has taken out financing to purchase their car they will be required to carry a proper auto insurance plan at all times, which should include both collision and comprehensive coverage. 

Protection for Car

You also should get insurance as it can protect your vehicle. Those that are in this area of the state will need to have a vehicle to get around their community. Losing the vehicle to theft or an accident could be devastating. Fortunately, by getting an auto insurance plan that has both collision and comprehensive insurance coverage you can receive the protection you need for your vehicle. This will ensure you can repair or replace it in the future. 

As you are looking for an auto insurance plan in the Ball Ground, GA area, it would be wise to speak with the team at The Sanford Group. There are a lot of choices you need to make when picking auto insurance and The Sanford Group can make it much easier for you. The team here is able to help you assess your options and build an appropriate insurance plan. 

Why should I get classic car insurance in Ball Ground?

Those that are in the Ball Ground, GA area and love cars will likely want to own a classic vehicle at some point. When you are going to own a classic car here, you always need to make sure that you have the right insurance. You should get a classic car plan for your classic car here for a few reasons. 

Protect the Value of the Classic Car

A classic vehicle is a different type of car as it can go up in value over time. This differs from standard cars that will usually depreciate in value each year. Along with this, classic car owners need to ensure they protect this aspect of their investment. A classic car coverage policy will provide a coverage amount that is negotiated between the owner and insurance provider and can include the collectible price of the vehicle. Liability Insurance

If you are going to drive any type of car in Georgia, you need to have liability insurance. This coverage provides protection in the event you are at fault in an accident. As classic car owners drive their vehicles infrequently, their actual liability risk is not significant. The classic car policy will take this into consideration when determining the liability risk premium amount, which can result in reduced costs. 

If you happen to own a classic vehicle in the Ball Ground, GA area, you always need to make sure that you have the right insurance coverage. As you are assessing your options, speaking with The Sanford Group is helpful. Picking this type of insurance comes with a lot of different considerations and The Sanford Group can make it easier for you. This can help ensure you are able to build a plan that is ideal for your situation. 

When should a bondholder consider bonds insurance?

Did you know that you could buy bond insurance to protect your bonding situation? Many insurance companies in Ball Ground, GA, including The Sanford Group, offer ways bondholders can protect their investments from new risks and other situations. That also means there are many types of bond insurance. Each type depends on your needs and the type of business you’re conducting. So at what point should you consider buying bond insurance? Read on to find out!

You can buy it immediately.

Since there are so many reasons why a person may choose to buy bond insurance, there is really no specific time to acquire the policy. However, many insurance companies prefer bondholders to conduct thorough research and determine which bond insurance works for them and the limits required. You can also speak to an expert to help you. 

When your securities have underlying ratings

Ratings are critical for most bondholders as insurers only insure securities that have underlying ratings at the investment grade. The un-enhanced credit ratings should range between BBB and AAA.  Once you buy bond insurance, the issuer’s bond rating becomes obsolete and is no longer required. Instead, the insurer’s credit ratings will be applied. That also means that you do not have to encounter a lot of disruption if the issuer goes into default. Your insurance company should automatically take liability and make the interest and principal payments owed going forward.

If you want a higher credit rating

This type of insurance is most common among people who wish to get a higher credit rating on bonds to make them attractive to Ball Ground, GA investors. Having bond insurance provides peace of mind and security, so you can rely on your credit ratings when you have bigger projects to fund.

For all your insurance needs, questions, quotes, and new policy discussions feel free to contact The Sanford Group, and our dedicated team of professionals will be happy to help.

Reasons to Get Personal Injury Liability Insurance

Life can go along smoothly and then seemingly out of nowhere an accident happens, you damage someone’s property, or an individual is injured on your property. If you do not have the right kind of insurance, a lawsuit with heavy financial judgments could leave you depleted of savings or assets.

The agents at The Sanford Group of Ball Ground, GA have years of experience helping individuals with high-quality personal injury liability insurance. We will be happy to discuss insurance options with you.

Benefits of Personal Injury Liability

There are many benefits of this type of insurance. One of the main benefits is peace of mind knowing that you and your assets are protected in the event of incidents and property damage. Here are some reasons to get personal injury liability coverage:

  • Asset protection – With personal liability, you safely protect your future and current assets. 
  • Lawsuit coverage – If someone is injured on your property, personal liability will kick in and cover lawsuits that occur.
  • Worldwide protection – You and members of your family or household may be protected from lawsuits, even if incidents happen off of your property. This includes accidents that happen anywhere in the worlds
  • Medical payments – The ability to settle injury claims without a lawsuit is part of personal injury liability insurance.

Professional Insurance in Ball Ground, GA

Contact The Sanford Group of Ball Ground, GA to speak with one of our agents about personal injury liability insurance. Because we are an independent agency we can search through many different insurance products. We will find you the best personal injury liability at affordable rates. Give us a call to see how we can help.

Wedding and Event Insurance Coverage

When planning a big event in Ball Ground, GA, including weddings or charity fundraisers, you want to focus on the details for the event, enjoy the event, and not worry about anything that could go wrong. Event insurance, also known as one-day event insurance, protects you from financial loss associated with accidents, delays, or cancellations. 

The experts at The Sanford Group understand you need to focus on enjoying your event, which is why they are prepared to help you with all of your event insurance needs. 

Liability Coverage

Liability insurance is the most common form of event insurance coverage. It protects the event holder and the venue from property damage or injury claims during the event. 

Wedding Cancellation or Postponement

Cancellation or postponement insurance is available for weddings when you purchase liability insurance for your special day. Cancellation insurance covers most non-refundable costs associated with the wedding unexpectedly being canceled. Wedding insurance coverage can also be added to include cakes, dresses, and other items needed for your wedding. Check with your insurance agent to determine any cancellation circumstances where your cancellation or postponement is not covered. 

Why Event Insurance Is Needed

Many venues require you to purchase a general liability insurance policy for your upcoming event. Event insurance protects both yourself and the venue should someone get injured or the property gets damaged.

Event Insurance Costs

The costs to purchase event insurance varies based on the size of the event, the venue, the number of people attending, the length of the event, and the amount of coverage you want. Call your insurance agent today to discuss your options and the cost of purchasing special event insurance. 

Are you planning a special event or a wedding in Ball Ground, GA? Call the experts at The Sanford Group to discuss the event and your insurance coverage needs. 

Do all people need to have a life insurance plan?

Those that are in the Ball Ground, GA area are always going to want to have proper insurance in place. A form of insurance which people should look into getting is life insurance. This coverage provides a death benefit to the beneficiaries of your policy. There are a variety of reasons that all people here should consider getting this coverage.

Protection for Dependents

A primary reason that people should get life insurance is so they can protect their dependents. Someone that has people that rely on them and their income need to ensure there is a plan in place if they were to pass away and not be able to work. With a life insurance plan, you can provide this coverage and protection. These policies can be built and curtailed to cover their future costs. 

Support with End of Life Expenses

You should also get a life insurance plan as it can help your loved ones financially if you have end-of-life expenses. When someone passes away, they could leave a lot of expenses behind including funeral and burial costs, medical bills, and paying off old bills. If you have a life insurance plan, your loved ones can use the proceeds to cover these costs and avoid any personal financial burden. 

Getting a proper life insurance plan in the Ball Ground, GA area should be considered a top necessity. As you are looking for a plan in this area, you will want to call The Sanford Group to discuss your needs and options. There are many complexities that come with picking a life insurance plan and The Sanford Group can provide the insight you need to choose the right policy. This can help you get the coverage needed to provide the right protection. 

What is included with a commercial insurance plan in Georgia?

Anyone that would want to own their own business needs to find a location that offers great support and potential. An area of Georgia that can provide some great opportunity is Ball Ground, GA. As you are planning your business here, getting insurance for it is quite important. A commercial insurance plan offers several forms of coverage that can prove to be very helpful for your business. 

Liability Protection

A form of coverage that you need to get for your vehicle here is liability protection. Businesses are going to take on liability risks regularly. If you have a customer that gets hurt through the use of a product you sell, you can be held responsible for damages. Those that get a commercial insurance plan are going to receive the coverage needed to mitigate this risk.

Asset Coverage

You should also get a commercial insurance plan in the event you have to purchase assets for your company. A commercial insurance plan will give protection so you can repair or replace your core business assets. If there is ever a situation that results in a loss, you will want to have this coverage as it can ensure your business is able to continue to operate if you do incur an asset loss. 

People that are in the Ball Ground, GA area and are going to start a business need to get the right insurance for it. As you are evaluating your insurance options, calling The Sanford Group is a great option. There are a lot of choices to make as you are looking for this coverage and The Sanford Group can help you evaluate all of your needs and options. This can help you build a plan that will continue to offer ideal coverage. 

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