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Three things to remember when you buy auto insurance in Georgia

You’re making a big decision when you’re selecting an auto insurance policy. We can help you with your auto insurance needs in Ball Ground, GA at The Sanford Group.

The following are three things you’ll want to remember when you buy auto insurance in Georgia.

You may be able to qualify for some discounts.

There are a lot of possible discounts out there for bringing down auto insurance premiums. You might be able to lower your costs by taking advantage of some of these discounts.

There are discounts for those who have taken driver safety classes or for students with high grade point averages. There are also discounts for service members and first responders with some companies.

Make sure you research discounts before you purchase a policy. 

You need to purchase collision coverage for coverage to damage to your own vehicle. 

Buying a basic liability coverage policy is not going to provide you with any coverage whatsoever for your own vehicle. This means that you’ll have to pay out of pocket for damage to your own vehicle unless you add collision coverage to your policy. 

Customer service is important. 

Don’t focus too much on the policy details without considering the company offering the policy. In particular, make sure you’ve evaluated their customer service. 

Customer service is a significant factor when it comes to auto insurance. You may need to call your insurance company if you want to change your policy or file a claim. When this happens, good customer service becomes enormously beneficial. 

Ready to start shopping for your auto insurance policy? If you’re a motorist in Ball Ground, GA looking for car insurance, get in touch with us at The Sanford Group. 

What are the main benefits of getting auto insurance in Ball Ground?

The Ball Ground, GA area can be a great place for anyone to work and live. While there are a lot of local benefits and amenities that come when you live here, owning a car is a necessity for more people. If you are going to purchase a vehicle here, you do need to get a proper insurance policy. There are several benefits that come when you get a full auto insurance policy here. 

Insurance Provides Protection for Vehicle

One of the advantages that comes when you get an auto insurance policy is that it will give you coverage for your vehicle. Buying a vehicle is a big investment and you will want to ensure that it is as protected as possible. When you get auto insurance, you will get coverage to repair or replace your vehicle as long as you elect to receive collision and comprehensive coverage.

Coverage Provides Liability Protection

Whenever you drive a car, you are going to be taking on a risk that you could cause an accident. If you do cause an accident, it will be your responsibility to pay for all associated damages. Due to this risk, which could come with a significant financial penalty, having insurance is a necessity. A full auto insurance policy will give you the liability protection that you need to offset this concern.

When you are shopping for auto insurance in the Ball Ground, GA area, you should call the team at The Sanford Group. Choosing a policy can be complicated but The Sanford Group will make it much easier. When you speak with this team, you can receive a lot of guidance and support. This will ensure that you continue to be properly protected at all times. 

Why do I need auto insurance in Georgia?

For most people, owning a car will provide a significant amount of convenience. For those that are in the Ball Ground, GA area, owning a car can even be considered a practical necessity. If you do live in this area of Georgia, it is important to make sure that you are properly covering and protecting your vehicle. One of the best ways to do this is by getting an auto insurance policy. There are several reasons why you need to get auto insurance here. 

Required by Auto Lender

When looking to buy a car, it is easy to be overwhelmed by the initial sticker shock. However, it can become much more affordable if you are able to finance the purchase through an auto loan. If you do decide to take out an auto loan, you will need to get a quality auto insurance policy to comply with your lender’s requirements. Those that have an auto loan will almost always be required to have full collision and comprehensive insurance coverage.

State Laws for Liability Coverage

Another reason why you will need to get an auto insurance policy in Georgia is that it is required by state laws. For those that have a car in Georgia, it is important to get auto insurance that provides you with coverage to meet the requirements for minimum liability insurance. Those that do not have it could be penalized. 

As you are looking for auto insurance in Georgia, it is important to work with someone that you can trust. Those that are in the Ball Ground, GA area should reach out to The Sanford Group. When you hire The Sanford Group to discuss your insurance needs, you can get the guidance and support to choose a policy that is ideal for your situation. 

Auto insurance options for Uber and Lyft drivers

Many people are utilizing their cars for participating in ride-sharing companies such as Uber and Lyft.  These companies have become two of the most popular ways to make money driving people where they need to go.  Because you’re driving often using one of these services, you have to be selective in choosing the right insurance coverage.  Our agents at The Sanford Group, serving Ball Ground, GA, are well qualified in assisting you in finding the right coverage.

Options for ridesharers

If you’re involved in the ridesharing industry, it’s very vital to have auto insurance.  The more you use your car, the more important it is to have insurance.  Georgia drivers are required by law to have automobile liability insurance for at least the minimum limits.  However, some ride-sharing services may offer additional coverage.  Uber offers supplemental insurance, in addition to your own auto insurance.  This insurance is only active when the driver is using the app.  Previously, the ride-sharing service only offered insurance coverage when the passenger was in the car.  However, due to a series of accidents resulting in lawsuits, Uber decided to update their policy.

Lyft and some of the other ride-sharing services point to the $1 million per incident excess liability coverage.  This coverage is required by certain states and designed to deal with liability claims.

Our Agents are Here to Help

However, before deciding to use your car for business purposes, like ridesharing, you have to find out what your insurance covers. We at The Sanford Group have qualified agents available for professional advice in finding the right insurance for your situation.  If you reside in the Ball Ground, GA area, feel free to contact our office for more information today.            


Is Auto Insurance in Georgia Really a Necessity?

For people all over the Ball Ground, GA area, driving a car is a basic necessity in order to get around town and to work. Along with this, all people in this area need to carefully think about their auto insurance needs. There are several reasons why auto insurance is a necessity for people in this area.

Required by Law

One reason why having auto insurance in Ball Ground, GA is a requirement is that it is actually required by law. The state of Georgia requires that all drivers have insurance at all times when they are on the road. To comply with this legal requirement, you are going to need to have at least the minimum level of liability auto insurance at all times. Otherwise, you could face stiff penalization.

Lender Requirements

Additionally, any auto lender is going to require that you carry auto insurance at all times. On top of the minimum liability insurance, you will also need to carry collision and comprehensive insurance. This will cover you for virtually any situation that could cause a loss including auto accident damage, theft, or fire damage. The lender will require this to make sure that their collateral is covered. 

As you are shopping for auto insurance, it is important to work with a company that has your back and a lot of experience. The Sanford Group is a great company to contact when you start the process of buying a car and shopping for auto insurance. When you contact the team at The Sanford Group, they will be able to help you find a policy that is right for your situation and covers you as well as possible. This will ensure that you have peace of mind and are in compliance with all regulations. 

Six Questions To Ask When Choosing Your Auto Insurance Deductible

Choosing your auto insurance policy deductible is a very personal decision that depends on a variety of unique factors, including your personal comfort and the risk level you are willing to face. While The Sanford Group can provide you with the information you need to make an informed decision, it ultimately rests on you to weigh your options and determine the best deductible for you and your family. Here are six questions to help you choose your Ball Ground, GA auto insurance deductibles. 

What Is the Value of My Vehicle? 

Your vehicle’s value makes a lot of difference in what deductible will make sense. Less expensive cars cost less to insure. The more expensive your vehicle is, the pricier it is to insure. Opting for a higher deductible on a high-value vehicle makes sense because the annual premium savings can be significant. 

Do I Have an Emergency Fund? 

You need to consider your bank balance when weighing your deductible options. Can you afford to pay a larger deductible out-of-pocket in the event of a claim? A smaller deductible will result in higher annual premiums, so if you do have an emergency fund it would be wise to raise your deductible as high as you feel comfortable with. 

How Much Do Different Deductibles Cost? 

Every situation is different, but the general rule is that if you’re going to go with a low premium make sure you can recoup the higher cost within three years.  

What Is My Risk of Having A Claim? 

No matter how skilled you are as a driver, everyone has some driver risk. If the possibility of you submitting a claim is high, a low deductible may be the better choice. However, the savings could be substantial if you are a high-risk driver and you opt for a high deductible. 

Is a Vanishing Deductible a Good Option? 

While they’re becoming a popular option, whether vanishing deductibles are a good one for you varies. You do have to pay an extra annual premium for a vanishing deductible, but it might be a smart choice if paying a deductible would devastate you financially. 

Should I Choose a Different Deductible for Different Coverage? 

Yes. Collision coverage is more expensive so it’s smart to go with a higher deductible for that coverage, whereas a lower deductible makes sense for Comprehensive, which is typically cheaper. 

Need Guidance on Deductibles? 

If you have questions about deductibles, we have answers. Call the Ball Ground, GA insurance experts at The Sanford Group today! 

What do I do if my car was the only one involved in an accident?

Being in an accident is stressful and can be frightening. Many people panic, which can lead to making a decision which isn’t the best.

Drivers in Ball Ground, GA should call 911 after an accident so an officer can come help out at the scene. The law enforcement officer is required to file an accident report if the physical damage exceeds $500 or if anyone has been injured or died as a result of the accident.

If you were the only one in an accident, the same basic rules apply. Sometimes you are the only one injured and only your vehicle was damaged.   Single car crashes happen for a variety of reasons, including:

  • Bad weather, especially when visibility is poor.
  • Poorly placed or missing road signs.
  • Driver inattention or fatigue.
  • Bad driving by other drivers.
  • Mechanical problems with your vehicle.

If you call 911, an officer will come and help you assess the situation. You may not realize you are hurt, but you are probably shaken up.  It may also be difficult on your own to find the information for the property owner if there is damage. The Sanford Group can help you if you want to learn more about filing accident reports.

If you have an accident report in Ball Ground, GA, the other party cannot use it as evidence against you. Georgia specifically disallows this kind of evidence, so a report filed with the Department of Transportation or resulting actions were taken by the Department of Driver Services cannot be used in court to prove a case against you.

Accident laws can seem confusing, and you don’t want to do the wrong thing and pay for it later. Please call  The Sanford Group if you have any questions or if you want a free quote on a new policy.

Getting Auto Insurance for Your New Car

It is exciting to think about getting a new car. Before you rush off to the dealership, take a moment to consider the auto insurance as well. It will be helpful for your monthly budget to know the total amount you need for the car payments plus the insurance premiums. Depending on the type of vehicle you are considering, these amounts may differ significantly.

Why Getting Auto Insurance from a Car Dealership is Not a Good Idea

The main goal of the salesperson at a car dealership is to sell you a car and then add on as many extras as possible. A dealership is not permitted to let a vehicle that they sell drive off the lot without it being covered by auto insurance.

That does not mean that the auto insurance offered by a car dealership is a good one or that it is priced well. In fact, the dealership is likely to get a commission/kickback for placing the insurance with certain underwriters. This may add to the price for the insurance.

On top of the questionable quality issues, buying auto insurance through a dealer is not the same as having personal attention from an agent at The Sanford Group, serving Ball Ground GA and the surrounding communities. It is a better idea to make direct contact with an agent who can serve your needs and will be able to help you in the future if something comes up

Get Auto Insurance Lined Up In Advance

By calling your agent before you make the car purchase, your application information can be entered into the system and ready to go. Then, all you need to do is call the agent from the auto dealership and fax the agent a copy of the purchase agreement with the VIN number, year, make, model, and the purchase price to get auto insurance coverage.

Get a quote for new auto insurance by calling 678-454-0661 to speak with an agent at The Sanford Group in Ball Ground, GA or if you prefer, you may use the convenient online form.

What to do if you witness a car accident in Ball Ground, GA

You’re driving along, and suddenly you see other vehicles get into an accident. Rather than turning a blind eye and continuing about your day, The Sanford Group has provided you with a quick guide on what you should do.

Get Yourself Safe

You don’t want to cause another accident or in any way injure yourself, so find a safe place to pull over before you do anything else. You can also set up emergency flares and put your hazard lights on to alert other drivers of the accident. 

Call 911

As soon as you are safely able to, call 911. This is helpful for you as well as the passengers in the accident, as the 911 dispatcher can help walk you through the next steps.

Check on the Passengers

Check on the passengers to see if you can be of any assistance, but be careful not to move any passengers, especially if you suspect they may have a back injury, or if they have any objects lodged into their body as a result of the accident.

Talk to the Police

Even if there is nothing you can do to help the passengers, or if there are no injuries at all, stay at the scene of the accident so you can talk to the police when they arrive. They will likely want to talk to you about what you witnessed and get your information so they can contact you in the future if needed.

After a car accident, the number one thing to remember is to keep yourself safe and to help others to the best of your ability. Whether the accident is in Ball Ground, GA or anywhere else, the same tips apply. If you have more questions about auto accidents or insurance, don’t hesitate to contact The Sanford Group.

Is My Spouse Covered Under My Auto Insurance?

It is pretty common to see a couple share their cars interchangeably. Though, one partner may claim that a specific car is “his or her car,” if the other partner needed to drive it, he or she would without a second thought. But what if something disastrous were to happen? What if there was a bad car accident? Would the person driving be covered under the auto insurance policy?

Is My Spouse Covered Under My Auto Insurance?

First thing is first, call The Sanford Group in Ball Ground, GA to see if your spouse is already listed under your insurance policy. If the answer is yes, then you have nothing to worry about. By listing your partner as a covered driver on your insurance plan, he or she is covered in the event of an accident. If your spouse is not listed, however, and gets caught behind the wheel of your car, trouble may not be far behind. For example, if a husband fails to let his insurance company know that he is married, doesn’t list his wife on the policy, and she gets into an accident, she may be denied coverage citing misrepresentation. Misrepresentation is a type of insurance fraud that says that the policyholder did not give the insurance company all of the information necessary to assess proper risk.

If a wife happened to be driving her husband’s car before he had the chance to add her to the policy and she got into an accident, there are some cases where the accident would be covered. In this scenario, you would likely need to pay for the premiums that you should have been paying as a driver listed on the policy.

Contact The Sanford Group in Ball Ground GA

For more information on adding your spouse to your auto insurance plan, please reach out to The Sanford Group in Ball Ground, GA. They will be able to help you with your request and answer any additional questions you may have.

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