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Will my auto insurance cover my car if I use it for business purposes?

As a business owner, there are specific things you may need to use to keep your business running smoothly. Some of these things may include your personal possessions. For some business owners, the use of a car is essential. You may need to travel for business reasons. However, things can get sticky if you’re driving your personal vehicle. Our team at The Sanford Group knows that Ball Ground, GA business owners have questions about how to protect their businesses. We’re here to help them explore the benefits of insurance.

What You Should Know…

Driving your personal car, insured for personal use, carries risk if you use it for your business. If you get into an accident or some unexpected catastrophe while operating your vehicle for business purposes, it won’t be covered under a personal insurance policy. You’ll have to pay for any damage or injuries incurred by yourself or others out of your pocket. As a result, if you know you’ll be using your car for business purposes, it’s best to get business auto insurance. Your personal auto insurance policy won’t pay for any car repairs, legal issues, or liability that you may have to others for property damage and injuries.

Business Auto Insurance

Business auto insurance typically provides greater coverage limits and is beneficial if you use your car for delivery, towing, or any other business-related task covered under your policy. A commercial policy typically provides higher coverage limits even if your personal auto policy has a business use addendum. However, a business auto insurance policy can be created to meet your company’s specific needs. If you have questions about the best insurance for cars used for business purposes, call us. 

Three common misconceptions about earthquake insurance

If you own property, it’s important to have earthquake insurance so that you protect your property. Don’t believe common misconceptions about earthquake insurance.

The Sanford Group provides earthquake insurance coverage in Ball Ground, GA. Below are three common misconceptions out there about earthquake insurance. 

Those who don’t own a home don’t need earthquake insurance.

Consumers who don’t own property typically think that earthquake insurance coverage is not necessary for them. Earthquake insurance isn’t only beneficial for consumers who own property. Earthquake insurance can also be helpful for renters and even business owners. 

Anyone who relies on a property for business operations or stores belongings in a building can potentially benefit from earthquake insurance coverage. 

Coverage for earthquakes is included with a typical home insurance policy.

You must realize that standard home insurance doesn’t generally provide coverage for earthquake damage. Standard home insurance policies don’t offer coverage for every possible cause of property damage. Earthquake insurance is separate from standard home insurance.

If you are concerned about earthquake damage to your property, you need to invest in a separate earthquake insurance policy to protect your property from earthquake damage. 

Earthquake insurance is not worth the expense.

Investing in earthquake insurance coverage can pay off in the long run.

Getting coverage for earthquake damage often doesn’t cost a lot of money. However, such coverage can be very beneficial in the long run because earthquakes can cause extensive and costly damage to a property. 

At The Sanford Group, we are here to provide you with the information you need about your earthquake insurance options in Ball Ground, GA. We’re here to answer any questions about your property’s earthquake insurance. 

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