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What Are Some Common Exclusions In Commercial Insurance Policies?

Whether you are a large enterprise or a small business, you need a commercial insurance policy. However, standard business insurance only offers basic coverage, while many other risks your company might face aren’t covered. To get adequate business insurance, you must purchase specialty insurance for the excluded risks. Some common business insurance exclusions are:

1. Personal Property Used for Business Purposes

Some businesses have their employees use their personal properties for business purposes. For example, staff using their personal computer or car to perform business tasks. A standard commercial property or auto policy won’t cover damage to an employee’s personal property like a laptop or car. If your employees use their private vehicles for business errands in Ball Ground, GA, you should get non-owned commercial car insurance. 

2. Damage From Rust, Corrosion, or Normal Wear and Tear

Commercial equipment insurance is a vital commercial coverage if your company relies heavily on equipment to facilitate its operations. This coverage is supposed to cover the cost of repairing the equipment if it’s damaged, totaled, or stolen. However, damage resulting from rust, corrosion, or natural wear and tear is excluded from this coverage. At The Sanford Group, we recommend that you regularly maintain your company equipment to prevent rust and corrosion and reduce the rate of normal wear and tear. 

3. Terrorism and War

The threat of terrorism is currently an everyday reality. However, the commercial insurance you have for your enterprise doesn’t cover damage to business property due to terrorism. Additionally, it excludes damage to your company property due to war. 

4. Harm From Government Operations

The government regularly undertakes activities that affect businesses, such as military operations, building roads, and dumping nuclear waste. If your business is affected by government activity, your commercial policy won’t compensate you. Instead, it will be up to the government to compensate you. 

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Do I Need Life Insurance If I Have No Dependents?

Life insurance is meant to protect the financial well-being of your dependents after your death. If you have don’t dependents, you are likely wondering whether you still need life insurance. The Sanford Group advises our clients with no dependants to purchase life insurance. Here’s why life insurance can still benefit you despite having no dependents.

1. Pay For Your Medical Bills

Your medical bills can be enormous depending on how your death comes about. Suppose you die after months of receiving critical care for a chronic ailment like cancer or after weeks of being on life support after a severe accident. In that case, you will be leaving behind massive medical bills. The settlement can be used to clear the medical bills if you have life insurance.

You should know that whether you have life insurance or not might also influence the quality of medical care you receive before your death. Some hospitals might be reluctant to offer you the best possible care if you lack life insurance because they don’t want to be left with a massive unpaid medical bill after you die.

2. Clear Your Debts

Besides clearing your medical bills, having life insurance will also help clear other debts after your death, although you have no dependents. This includes credit card debts, student loan debts, and the debt you owe to your friends and acquaintances.

3. Pay Your Funeral Costs

As a Ball Ground, GA resident, you should get final expense life insurance to pay for your funeral costs if you don’t have any dependents. This coverage will enable you to get the final send-off you desire. Moreover, you will eliminate the financial burden of catering for your funeral costs from your friends and acquaintances who will send you off after your death.

Do you seek life insurance in Ball Ground, GA? Contact The Sanford Group today.

New Quarterly Referral Program!

The Sanford Group would like to invite you to take part in our quarterly referral program.

For every referral that mentions you recommended us, your name you will be entered in our quarterly drawing for a $100 gift certificate to a local business. We are choosing a local business because we take pride in being part of our communities and know that our customers do too. Not to mention the best small businesses are right here in our towns and neighborhoods.

This quarters $100 prize is a gift certificate to …Frankfurt Döner and Meats in Ball Ground, GA.

Frankfurt Döner and Meats is a locally owned business selling meats, sausages, chops, and steaks. And if you have not tried their döner sandwich yet, it really is a life changing sandwich.

You do not have to be a current client to send us a referral. All we ask is that referrals be legitimately interested in discussing their insurance and receiving a quote from us. It can be for home, auto, recreational, business or life insurance.

Just have your friends or family call 678-454-0661 or email us and let us know it was you who referred them. You can also forward them this post link with our information.

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