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Do You Really Need Personal Liability Insurance?

You may think that personal liability insurance isn’t something you need. However, many individuals can benefit from a personal liability policy in today’s world. At The Sanford Group in Ball Ground, GA, we offer personal liability policies to help you protect your assets. 

What is Personal Liability Insurance? 

Personal liability insurance covers your costs if you are sued due to an accident or negligence. If someone falls on your property, they have the right to sue you for their injuries. 

A judgment against you can be very costly. A personal liability policy protects you in this situation. It will cover any judgment against you up to the coverage limit. 

Types of Personal Liability Insurance 

Personal liability insurance is typically included in insurance policies. If you have homeowner, car, or watercraft insurance, you have personal liability coverage. 

The other type of personal liability coverage is an umbrella policy. If you are liable for an amount that exceeds your primary policy coverage limit, an umbrella policy covers the remainder. It also covers situations not included in your primary policy. 

Who Needs Personal Liability Insurance? 

Most adults need some type of personal liability insurance. If you have a home, car, or watercraft, you’ll need personal liability insurance as part of your insurance policy.

You may need extra personal liability coverage if you have this type of insurance. If you have more than 100,000 in assets, it’s a great idea to have an additional personal liability policy.

What if you don’t have expensive assets? You may still need personal liability insurance. If a judgment is made against you, they can seize any assets you own. 

They can also garnish your wages or take any assets you accumulate in the future. So, you are not just protecting your current financial status. You are also protecting your future. 

Personal Liability Insurance with The Sanford Group

If you need a personal liability policy in Ball Ground, GA, contact us at The Sanford Group. We offer many types of insurance policies to meet all of your insurance needs.

What comes with events insurance in Georgia?

Those in the Ball Ground, GA area can find that hosting an event is a great way to bring people together for a special occasion, a celebration, or a professional event. As you are looking to plan an event here, it would be a good idea to have the right insurance for it. One type of insurance to consider getting here is events insurance. Various types of support can come with this coverage.

Reduce Liability Risk

One of the most important reasons that you should get events insurance in Georgia is so you can reduce your liability risk. As you are looking to plan your event, you may find there are various types of liability risks that can come with hosting an event. A great way to mitigate the concern is by getting an events insurance plan that will include proper liability mitigation and support. 

Cancellation Coverage

While you can plan an event for a long time, there is always a chance something could occur that will require you to cancel the event. You will want to have proper cancellation insurance in place in these situations. When you get an events insurance plan, it will provide cancellation insurance that can give you coverage to reimburse you for any deposits and other costs you may have incurred prior to the event. 

If you want to plan any event, it would always be good to get events insurance to ensure you have proper coverage and protection. As you are looking for this support in the Ball Ground, GA area, it would be wise to call The Sanford Group. With so many options to consider, The Sanford Group can help you ensure you receive proper support to pick the right plan for your situation. 

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