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5 Moments to review your life insurance in Ball Ground, GA

Life is full of changes. Your life insurance policy should be too. The Sanford Group believes that life insurance is never static. Yet even existing policyholders neglect to make the most basic updates to their plan.

Fortunately, the Sanford Group can help. Serving Ball Ground, GA, the agency can create an individualized life insurance policy that best meets your needs. But they can also ensure it stays current. With this in mind, their agents list five life events that require an immediate life insurance review.

Getting married

Walking down the aisle is a significant financial commitment too. When a spouse passes, bills and debt can pile up. Life insurance protects the surviving partner, eliminating some of this financial burden.

Buying a home

Most families need two sources of income. Mortgage payments are especially challenging. Life insurance can supplement earnings, helping your family stay in their home after you’ve passed.

Having a baby

Expecting a baby already leads to a lot of sleepless nights. Life insurance enables you to rest easier. With this coverage, your child’s future is safe and secure.

Starting a company

Life insurance can help owners keep the business in the family. It’s also a sign of stability for potential investors. The lights will stay on even after you’re gone.


The primary goal of life insurance is to reduce risk and replace a partner’s lost wages. Both of these aren’t as important during retirement. A pension and Social Security may be enough. For this reason, you might consider decreasing your coverage.

Contact an agency serving Ball Ground, GA.

The Sanford Group knows that life insurance demands more than a "set it and forget it" approach. Serving Ball Ground, GA, their experienced agents can help ensure your policy is up to date. Schedule an appointment today.

What is a business owner’s policy (BOP)?

Commercial insurance can seem confusing to someone opening a new business since it doesn’t consist of just one type of insurance but more than 20 types. Rather than figuring out which of the more than 20 types of commercial insurance your business needs, let The Sanford Group help you decide which types of insurance best suit your business.

Nearly every small business should start with one important type of insurance – the business owners’ policy (BOP). This consists of four policies in one insurance package. Its bundle of coverage costs less than buying each policy separately. These four common policies provide essential coverage for each business.

In a BOP, you’ll find the following policies:

  • business interruption
  • peril
  • property damage
  • liability

Most businesses require these four types of insurance to protect themselves adequately. Peril insurance protects a business from natural hazards and fire that could damage its structure or business property. Property damage coverage reimburses you for damage to business property caused by other means, such as a driver plowing through your front window.

Business interruption insurance reimburses your business when you must close it due to an incident from peril or an accident. This coverage may include funds for paying employees and their benefits.

Liability coverage protects you financially if a client, customer, vendor, or visitor to your business incurs an accident that injures them or you libel an individual. If someone sues you due to negligence on your part that caused an injury to their person, this type of coverage pays the court settlement, court fees, and attorney fees.

Contact The Sanford Group in Ball Ground, GA for help obtaining the business insurance you need to protect your commercial endeavor. Call us today.

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