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The Sanford Group Insurance Blog

Whole Life Insurance

Having life insurance is a responsible thing to do for anyone. It provides a helping hand after you’re gone, and that is especially important if you have a family. If you are interested in getting whole life insurance, contact us today at The Sanford Group in Ball Ground, GA.

Carry It for Life

One of the major advantages that whole life insurance has over term life policies is that with whole life, it literally does what it says. It will protect you for your whole life no matter how elderly you become. Just keep paying the premiums, and the policy can’t be canceled. This gives many people peace of mind in knowing that they won’t be locked out of their life insurance after a set amount of time like with term policies. Instead, you can keep it for the rest of your life. 

Borrow Against the Value

Another major advantage of whole life insurance is that it will build a cash value. Over time, the premiums that you pay for your policy are invested by the insurance company, and those investments make money. Then, after a few years, a portion of that profit becomes the cash value of your life insurance policy. This cash value is available to you to borrow against if you ever need to. This is another reason that these policies deliver peace of mind. You can borrow up to the full cash value of your policy in case there is a financial hardship that requires it. Once it is borrowed, it is simply deducted from the death benefit until the loan is repaid.

Stay Protected With Life Insurance

It’s important to have life insurance to protect the future of those around you. If you need a life insurance policy, call us at The Sanford Group in Ball Ground, GA.

Required Auto Insurance in Georgia

When you want to drive in Georgia, you must have a few types of insurance coverage. These are coverages that are mandated by the state, and you can’t drive without them. The minimum amounts in Georgia, however, are relatively low. It’s usually recommended that you increase the minimums so that you are better protected in case of accidents. To get your auto insurance in Georgia, contact us at The Sanford Group in Ball Ground, GA.

Liability Auto Coverage

When you get your auto insurance in Georgia, there are three amounts that are required on it. One is a minimum amount of bodily injury liability for when one person becomes injured in an accident that is your fault. The second one is a minimum amount of bodily injury liability that is for all of the people who were injured in an accident that is your fault. The third is a minimum amount of property damage liability for the damage caused to another person’s property due to an accident that is your fault. All of these are relatively low in this state, so it’s often a good idea to get more than the minimum coverage amounts that are required by law. 

Other Insurance Offered

In Georgia, there are two other types of auto insurance that have to be offered when you get your auto insurance policy. They are not required, but they must be offered to you. And, it’s a smart idea to take these coverage types because they can prove to be helpful in the future. These are uninsured motorist property damage and uninsured motorist bodily injury coverage. Each of these is great to have in case you are hit by a motorist who doesn’t have their required auto coverage. 

Get Your Vehicle Covered

If you need auto insurance, contact us at The Sanford Group in Ball Ground, GA.

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