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Do Life Insurance Policies Require Medical Exams?

When many people sign up for life insurance, they are concerned that they need to undergo a medical exam. If you are thinking about getting life insurance, there are a few things you need to know about policy requirements.

The Sanford Group, which provides insurance services to the people of Ball Ground, GA, understands that your privacy is important. You may not want to undergo a medical exam, and that’s fine. Here’s how your choice impacts potential life insurance policies.

Life Insurance Usually Requires Quick Medical Exams

When a life insurance company requires a medical exam, it is generally a quick one. You will be assessed for things like blood pressure, heart rate, and other major conditions. The appointment is more like a physical than a thorough examination of your entire body in some cases.

If you want to know what kind of exam is required ahead of time, an insurance professional can help you determine what will happen and what the doctors will look for.

Medical Exams Help a Company Assess Risk

These medical exams serve an important purpose. They show the insurance company what level of risk they are taking on by providing you with an insurance policy.

Some Exceptions Exist

Of course, not every insurance policy will require that you undergo an exam. Some exceptions are out there, and an insurance policy can help you find the right policy based on your needs.

Learn More About Your Life Insurance Options

The Sanford Group serves Ball Ground, GA, offering a variety of life insurance options to choose from. Call the office today to learn more about life insurance options and whether you need a medical exam to be approved for the right policy.

Must-have Commercial Insurance Coverages

Commercial insurance must be a priority if you want to build a business that will last now and many years to come in Ball Ground, GA. Commercial insurance saves your business potential losses emanating from risks like theft, fire, vandalism, and so on. But because business insurance is broad, you can’t purchase all the available coverages for your business. However, The Sanford Group shares commercial insurance options you should consider for your business, regardless of the size or nature.

Liability insurance

All businesses, whether startups or seasoned, are faced with liabilities. Your business could be faced with property damage, adverting, or personal injury claims from third parties. Unfortunately, third-party claims are expensive, and only a few businesses can finance the costs from their pockets.

For this reason, you must invest in general liability coverage. It’s not mandatory, but you need it when the unthinkable occurs.

Worker’s comp insurance

Since your employees are one of your most prized assets, investing in coverage that protects their welfare makes sense. Worker’s comp insurance shields your workers from injuries and covers partial loss of income when they can’t resume work.

Commercial property insurance

Besides employees, assets are the next best thing in your business. Without assets like computers, furniture, inventories, and buildings, it would be nearly impossible to run your business. Thankfully, investing in commercial property insurance shields your business assets from risks like fire, theft, and natural calamities.

Commercial auto insurance

Commercial auto insurance differs from personal auto insurance. If you have business vehicles, you must invest in commercial auto insurance to protect your car and driver following an accident.

Learn more about commercial insurance today!

Would you like to learn the type of coverage suitable for your business? If you are in Ball Ground, GA, and its environs, please book an appointment with The Sanford Group.

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