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Why should I get classic car insurance in Ball Ground?

Those that are in the Ball Ground, GA area and love cars will likely want to own a classic vehicle at some point. When you are going to own a classic car here, you always need to make sure that you have the right insurance. You should get a classic car plan for your classic car here for a few reasons. 

Protect the Value of the Classic Car

A classic vehicle is a different type of car as it can go up in value over time. This differs from standard cars that will usually depreciate in value each year. Along with this, classic car owners need to ensure they protect this aspect of their investment. A classic car coverage policy will provide a coverage amount that is negotiated between the owner and insurance provider and can include the collectible price of the vehicle. Liability Insurance

If you are going to drive any type of car in Georgia, you need to have liability insurance. This coverage provides protection in the event you are at fault in an accident. As classic car owners drive their vehicles infrequently, their actual liability risk is not significant. The classic car policy will take this into consideration when determining the liability risk premium amount, which can result in reduced costs. 

If you happen to own a classic vehicle in the Ball Ground, GA area, you always need to make sure that you have the right insurance coverage. As you are assessing your options, speaking with The Sanford Group is helpful. Picking this type of insurance comes with a lot of different considerations and The Sanford Group can make it easier for you. This can help ensure you are able to build a plan that is ideal for your situation. 

When should a bondholder consider bonds insurance?

Did you know that you could buy bond insurance to protect your bonding situation? Many insurance companies in Ball Ground, GA, including The Sanford Group, offer ways bondholders can protect their investments from new risks and other situations. That also means there are many types of bond insurance. Each type depends on your needs and the type of business you’re conducting. So at what point should you consider buying bond insurance? Read on to find out!

You can buy it immediately.

Since there are so many reasons why a person may choose to buy bond insurance, there is really no specific time to acquire the policy. However, many insurance companies prefer bondholders to conduct thorough research and determine which bond insurance works for them and the limits required. You can also speak to an expert to help you. 

When your securities have underlying ratings

Ratings are critical for most bondholders as insurers only insure securities that have underlying ratings at the investment grade. The un-enhanced credit ratings should range between BBB and AAA.  Once you buy bond insurance, the issuer’s bond rating becomes obsolete and is no longer required. Instead, the insurer’s credit ratings will be applied. That also means that you do not have to encounter a lot of disruption if the issuer goes into default. Your insurance company should automatically take liability and make the interest and principal payments owed going forward.

If you want a higher credit rating

This type of insurance is most common among people who wish to get a higher credit rating on bonds to make them attractive to Ball Ground, GA investors. Having bond insurance provides peace of mind and security, so you can rely on your credit ratings when you have bigger projects to fund.

For all your insurance needs, questions, quotes, and new policy discussions feel free to contact The Sanford Group, and our dedicated team of professionals will be happy to help.

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