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Life insurance can be an impactful financial tool

Residents in the greater Ball Ground, GA community have relied upon The Sanford Group for their insurance needs for some time. In addition to providing insurance coverage for our clients’ protection, we also offer life insurance options that can be impactful financial tools.

Life insurance policy types that can also act as financial tools

Term life insurance may be the most widely-known type of life insurance policy, but it is not the only one available. There are other types that not only provide a death benefit but also provide a benefit while you are living. Whole Life and Universal insurance can provide cash-value in addition to a payout upon your death. 

With these two types of life insurance policies, it is also possible for the policy to accumulate and provide a cash benefit for the policyholder. Your local agent can review all of the features and benefits of these types of policies with you in order to help you make an informed decision.

Today’s life insurance options are wide-ranging and have financial benefits. If you are looking to add life insurance as a financial tool, it is important to understand how the policies work. There are many unique features that are now available and are worth discussing with your agent. Having a diversified financial portfolio with many different types of assets can help protect you from life’s ups and downs. Don’t miss out on having an effective tool like life insurance working for you!

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The helpful agents at The Sanford Group are proud to service the greater Ball Ground, GA area. If you would like to find out more about the different life insurance policy options that are available in our area, call or stop by today.

Commercial Insurance – What Is The Use?

As a business owner in Ball Ground, GA, your company faces challenges and risks every day. That’s why you need insurance to protect your business from collapsing on the encounter with these risks. Commercial insurance from The Sanford Group protects your company against theft, vandalism, lawsuits, property damage, loss of income, and employee injuries, among other risks.

Types of Commercial Insurance

If you’re wondering what types of commercial insurance will protect your business, here we got you covered. To determine your best choice, you need to consider factors such as location, size, industry, and the number of employees of your business.

The most common commercial insurance policies are: 

  • Liability coverage
  • Property coverage
  • Workers’ compensation insurance

Liability Policy

Liability coverage protects your business against risks such as bodily injuries, errors and omissions, property damage, and advertising injury. This coverage is necessary for business owners unless they want to pay for losses from their pocket.

Some specific policies that fall under liability coverage include general liability, commercial umbrella, and professional liability insurance.

Workers’ Compensation Insurance

If your business employs three or more workers, it is a legal requirement to have this insurance in Georgia. This coverage helps your business handle claims that may come from workers’ illnesses and injuries. It also includes benefits forwarded to the worker’s family in the case of death.

The cost of workers’ compensation insurance for your business may depend on factors such as payroll size, claims history, and workplace risks.

Property Coverage

About half of small businesses that close due to a natural disaster never reopen. The truth is that most of these businesses lack the financial power to bounce back from a severe case of property damage. It is costly, and that’s what makes this coverage necessary for a business.

Property insurance will protect your business against risks such as theft, storms, and theft.

Protect Your Business With Commercial Insurance Today

Are you living in Ball Ground, GA, and wish to protect the business you’ve worked so hard to build? The Sanford Group is your partner in matters of commercial insurance. Get in touch with us, and let’s see what best deserves your company.

Additional Services

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