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How Jetski Insurance Can Protect an Owner in Georgia

If you live in the Woodstock, GA area, there will be plenty of opportunities to enjoy a nice hot summer day outside and on the water. If you enjoy being outside and enjoying recreational activities, getting a jetski could be a great option. If you are looking to purchase a jet ski, you should look into getting jet ski insurance. While this might not be the first thing that you think about when buying one, but jetski insurance can protect an owner in several different ways.

Gives You Protection for Liability

When you are going to buy and use a jet ski, you will get to have a lot of fun out of it. However, there is always a small risk that you could make a mistake and be at fault in an accident. If this was to cause property damage or bodily harm to another person, you could end up being held liable. When you have jet ski insurance, you will receive coverage for these situations.

Protects Your Property

While it is important to have liability coverage for your jetski, you also want to make sure that it is protected in the event of damage, theft, vandalism, or another situation that could cost you money for repair or replacement. When you have a jetski insurance policy, you will receive coverage for all of these risks and situations. This could end up saving you a lot of money. 

If you are looking to get jet ski insurance in the Woodstock, GA area, getting advice from a professional is very important. One company that can provide you with great advice for all of your insurance needs is Peter Laczko Insurance Inc. The insurance team at Peter Laczko Insurance Inc. will help you to build and choose a policy that will give you great coverage for all of your jet ski insurance needs. 

Make Your Home Sparkle for the Holidays

With the holidays fast approaching, now’s the time to start sprucing up your home to receive holiday guests. A sparkling clean home will make a good impression on family and friends when they come over for festive occasions. Here are a few tips from The Sanford Group on how you can make your Ball Ground, GA home shine for the holidays.

Light Up Your Entry Way –  A welcoming entryway will make guests feel at home. Christmas lights around the entryway and a beautiful wreath on your door will add holiday cheer to your home and set the stage for festivities to come.    

Make Your Kitchen Shine – As the kitchen is a popular hub for family gatherings, take time to clean and organize this area from top to bottom. An attractive, orderly kitchen makes an inspiring place to gather for cooking, munching on snacks or socializing with friends and family.  

Ready Restrooms – Deep clean your bathrooms and test drains and toilets to make sure these fixtures are working properly. Place tissue boxes, toilet paper and paper towels where they can be easily found by guests when needed.     

Declutter – Declutter living spaces to beautify your home and make room for guests to socialize. Wash curtains and windows and professionally clean the carpet. Place scented holiday candles in key locations to give your home a refreshing aroma.      

Decorate with Flair – Put up a tree and colorful decorations throughout your home to give it that festive touch. Holiday décor sets the mood for festive occasions and adds warmth and charm to a home environment.   

When planning holiday events, don’t neglect to review your home insurance to make sure you’re fully protected against holiday accidents. For greater insight into how home insurance can keep you safe this holiday season, contact The Sanford Group in Ball Ground, GA.

Six Questions To Ask When Choosing Your Auto Insurance Deductible

Choosing your auto insurance policy deductible is a very personal decision that depends on a variety of unique factors, including your personal comfort and the risk level you are willing to face. While The Sanford Group can provide you with the information you need to make an informed decision, it ultimately rests on you to weigh your options and determine the best deductible for you and your family. Here are six questions to help you choose your Ball Ground, GA auto insurance deductibles. 

What Is the Value of My Vehicle? 

Your vehicle’s value makes a lot of difference in what deductible will make sense. Less expensive cars cost less to insure. The more expensive your vehicle is, the pricier it is to insure. Opting for a higher deductible on a high-value vehicle makes sense because the annual premium savings can be significant. 

Do I Have an Emergency Fund? 

You need to consider your bank balance when weighing your deductible options. Can you afford to pay a larger deductible out-of-pocket in the event of a claim? A smaller deductible will result in higher annual premiums, so if you do have an emergency fund it would be wise to raise your deductible as high as you feel comfortable with. 

How Much Do Different Deductibles Cost? 

Every situation is different, but the general rule is that if you’re going to go with a low premium make sure you can recoup the higher cost within three years.  

What Is My Risk of Having A Claim? 

No matter how skilled you are as a driver, everyone has some driver risk. If the possibility of you submitting a claim is high, a low deductible may be the better choice. However, the savings could be substantial if you are a high-risk driver and you opt for a high deductible. 

Is a Vanishing Deductible a Good Option? 

While they’re becoming a popular option, whether vanishing deductibles are a good one for you varies. You do have to pay an extra annual premium for a vanishing deductible, but it might be a smart choice if paying a deductible would devastate you financially. 

Should I Choose a Different Deductible for Different Coverage? 

Yes. Collision coverage is more expensive so it’s smart to go with a higher deductible for that coverage, whereas a lower deductible makes sense for Comprehensive, which is typically cheaper. 

Need Guidance on Deductibles? 

If you have questions about deductibles, we have answers. Call the Ball Ground, GA insurance experts at The Sanford Group today! 

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