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5 Tips For Talking To Your Kids About Your End Of Life Plans

Conversations about estate planning can be tough- especially when you’re talking to your kids. While it may be uncomfortable, it’s important to talk to your loved ones about your will, your end of life plans, and any special wishes you have for after you pass away. At The Sanford Group serving Ball Ground, GA, we help our customers create plans that allow them to discuss these issues with certainty and confidence. Here are some tips to talk with your kids about your end of life plans. 

– Know your kids and decide whether it’s a good conversation to have as a group or one on one. If your family is particularly close, it might be a good idea to have the conversation in a group setting. 

– Expect emotion on both sides. It’s normal for this to be tough. Having a hard time discussing the end of life plans means that you value your kids and the value you. Don’t try to stifle the emotion that goes alongside a hard conversation. 

– Listen. Your kids might have some ideas that you may not have considered, and it’s a good idea to be receptive to at least hear them out. 

No matter what your end of life plans, it’s important that you have a solid life insurance plan so that your loved ones aren’t burdened with the end of life costs. At The Sanford Group, serving Ball Ground, GA, we can set you up with an affordable policy that will ease your mind about your family’s role in your end of life plans. Stop in to see us today to chat about a policy that makes sense for your needs and budget.

Commercial Insurance All Businesses Need

If you just started a business or got hired to manage one, you probably know that you must have commercial insurance. Commercial insurance is not a single insurance policy. Instead, it is a category of policies.

Depending on the type of business, there are different insurance needs for particular circumstances; however, there are certain commercial insurance policies that nearly every business needs. Work with your agent at The Sanford Group, serving Ball Ground, GA, and the surrounding area, to determine the best solutions for your business that provide adequate coverage.

Here are the basic insurance policies needed by most businesses:

Workers’ Compensation

Under Georgia state law, any business with three or more employees (even if they are part-time) must have workers’ compensation insurance. If you are self-employed, workers’ compensation insurance is not required.

Even if not required by law, it is beneficial for all businesses to carry workers’ compensation insurance. If a worker is injured or killed on the job, the liability exposure for the business is limited. The worker gets standard benefits under the state’s workers’ compensation program. Without this coverage, the business has liability exposure that is unlimited.

Commercial Liability Insurance

Every business needs some general liability protection and some need professional liability insurance, such as healthcare workers, attorneys, accountants, contractors, and other licensed professionals.

Property Insurance

This provides protection for risks to any real or personal property owned or leased by the business. It offers protection for equipment, inventory, office furniture, and other property.

Commercial Vehicle Insurance

If the business owns any vehicles or uses any (even if only occasionally) for business purposes, there is a need for commercial vehicle insurance.

Business Interruption

This provides protection if any catastrophic event occurs that causes the business to stop operating. This is critical protection to keep an owner from losing his or her business by a sudden drop in cash flow due to circumstances beyond the owner’s control.

Specialty Coverage

Nearly every business needs cybersecurity coverage now because the risk of damage from a cyber attack is so great and so costly. Additionally, a business benefits from having an umbrella insurance policy to extend the policy limits of other coverage and to offer protection for things that are not covered in other policies, which may include discrimination, defamation, or sexual harassment lawsuits.


Every business needs to have basic commercial insurance coverage. Contact your agent at The Sanford Group in Ball Ground, GA to discuss your needs by calling 678-454-0661.

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