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Some common home owner endorcements you may want to add to your policy

Home insurance is not one size fits all. Every home and homeowner is different and has different needs when it comes to their coverage. If you live in the Ball Ground, GA area you can feel confident talking to the agents at The Sanford Group. They are independent agents which means they can offer you a variety of options from different companies. They can custom fit your policy to your property.


Typically, the personal property coverage on a home insurance policy has limits not only on the total amount but also on individual categories. If the jewelry limit is $1500 and your engagement ring is valued at $3000, you would only get the listed limit. You should add a jewelry rider if this is the case or perhaps a scheduled personal property coverage which would cover additional higher value items beyond just jewelry such as art, antiques, oriental rugs and collectibles.


With all the electronics that most people have these days, it is important to make sure that you are adequately covered. Check the amount that your policy covers and if you need more, you can add a rider. It is better to be safe than sorry.


While most homeowners who need flood insurance purchase it through National Flood Insurance Protection, a few private insurance companies do offer flood coverage as a rider. One benefit of the private coverage is that it gives you loss of use coverage so that you can afford to stay somewhere else while your home is being repaired.

Sewer back up

What could be worse than having your sewer back up into your home? Nothing. It can be a broken or blocked pipe or a failure of your septic system but no matter what the reason, you need to check your policy for this coverage and if it is missing, add an endorsement.

Getting the right coverage from your home insurance is vital. Give the office of The Sanford Group of Ball Ground, GA a call and come in to talk to one of their agents. Your peace of mind depends on it.

What to do if you witness a car accident in Ball Ground, GA

You’re driving along, and suddenly you see other vehicles get into an accident. Rather than turning a blind eye and continuing about your day, The Sanford Group has provided you with a quick guide on what you should do.

Get Yourself Safe

You don’t want to cause another accident or in any way injure yourself, so find a safe place to pull over before you do anything else. You can also set up emergency flares and put your hazard lights on to alert other drivers of the accident. 

Call 911

As soon as you are safely able to, call 911. This is helpful for you as well as the passengers in the accident, as the 911 dispatcher can help walk you through the next steps.

Check on the Passengers

Check on the passengers to see if you can be of any assistance, but be careful not to move any passengers, especially if you suspect they may have a back injury, or if they have any objects lodged into their body as a result of the accident.

Talk to the Police

Even if there is nothing you can do to help the passengers, or if there are no injuries at all, stay at the scene of the accident so you can talk to the police when they arrive. They will likely want to talk to you about what you witnessed and get your information so they can contact you in the future if needed.

After a car accident, the number one thing to remember is to keep yourself safe and to help others to the best of your ability. Whether the accident is in Ball Ground, GA or anywhere else, the same tips apply. If you have more questions about auto accidents or insurance, don’t hesitate to contact The Sanford Group.

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