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Auto Insurance for Teenagers with Permits

Some parents often don’t know whether they should add their teenagers to their car insurance policies or purchase a separate policy for them. If your teen has a learner’s permit in Ball Ground, GA, it is advisable to add him or her to your auto insurance policy from the Sanford Group. If your learner is involved in a crash, you will file a claim from your auto insurance policy to help you pay for losses resulting from the car accident.

Why should I insure a learner driver?

A learner driver is likely to make mistakes and perhaps cause accidents in the process. In fact, according to statistics from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), learners or teen drivers are three times more likely to cause car accidents than other drivers over the age of 20. If your teen has a learner’s permit and gets into a fender-bender in Ball Ground, GA, he or she will suffer consequences similar to those of a fully licensed driver. Your teen will actually be held responsible for any damages to other people’s property or bodily injury.

When should I contact my insurer?

It is advisable to notify your insurer when your teen is ready to get his or her learner’s permit. The teenager may be covered by your car insurance as a learner driver because he or she is using your car with your permission. Once your teen gets a driver’s license, you should now consider adding him or her as a listed operator on your car insurance policy. Since rules on when you can do all this may vary by insurer, our agents will give you all the information you need.

When you drive with the Sanford Group, you drive with peace of mind. A learner’s permit gives your teen permission to drive under certain restrictions. If you want your teen to stay protected wherever the road takes him or her, contact us today for more information.


Why You Need to Review Your Home Insurance Yearly

Reviewing your home insurance policy on a yearly basis in Ball Ground, GA should be done just like with getting a physical or going to the dentist. Changes in the real estate market can affect your policy, so it’s important to review it each year.

The first reason could be changes to your situation.Your policy should be up to date and there are a number of factors that can determine your risk. Have you put a new addition on your house? If so, it could change the overall value of the property, and increasing your coverage could be a small amount upfront that saves you thousands if you need to repair your home. It’s important that you update your information if you move, so you don’t miss any important information from your agency.

When you review yearly, you may discover some discounts. It’s a good idea to speak when an agent at the Sanford Group to see what discounts you can get. It may be as simple as bundling your home and auto policies.

On the other hand, you may not see discounts because your premiums are going up, and a review of your insurance can tell you why that is. Many people have their annual premium set up to either deduct from their banking account or mortgage account. Sometimes there is a reason for the premium going up, which you wouldn’t know about unless you are doing a yearly review of your insurance.

Insurance companies are also coming up with new services and products, in order to stand out. You may qualify for some of these new services and be able to save some money in the long run, but you wouldn’t know about them unless you review your policy and talk with your agent.

Contact The Sanford Group serving Ball Ground, GA to get a quote on home insurance.

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