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5 Ways to Protect Your Vehicle During Vacation Travels

Road trips are fast becoming a favorite way for families to spend their summer vacation. By taking necessary precautions, you can enjoy your road trip to the full without worrying about theft, vandalism or other inconveniences on the road. Insurance protection from The Sanford Group. in Ball Ground, GA is your first step to safeguarding your vehicle while on vacation. Here are a few other ways you can protect your car and personal goods during your travels.

Choose Parking Spaces Wisely

Whether you’re stopping to eat or sight-see, choose your parking wisely. Whenever possible, park your car in areas that are safe, well- lit and clearly visible to others.

Lock Up When Leaving Car

Make sure you roll up all windows and lock all doors, even if you’re only getting out for a short time. A professional car thief will take advantage of any carelessness on your part to steal your vehicle.   

Self-park at Restaurants or Tourist Spots

If you’re new to an area, you may feel uncomfortable turning your car over to valet parking. Sometimes it’s best to follow your intuition. You never know when someone will be tempted to drive off with your vehicle or steal valuables from inside your car.

Invest in Anti-Theft Devices

Invest in a few anti-theft devices such as steering wheel lock or baby monitor video camera to use during your travels. Anti-theft devices will deter would-be car thieves, giving you that extra protection you need.

Keep Bags and Suitcases Out of Sight

Store bags and valuables in the trunk where they’re out of sight. If your car doesn’t have a trunk, make sure these items are hidden from view to reduce the temptation of anyone passing by.  

For quality car insurance to suit all your personal needs, contact The Sanford Group in Ball Ground, GA.   

What Is a Commercial Property and Why Does It Need a Commercial Contract?

A commercial property in Ball Ground, GA is a piece of real estate that is being used to conduct business activity. For example, strip malls and restaurants are considered to be commercial properties. Most times, commercial properties come in the form of building structures where business is being conducted. In some cases, land that is being used to generate a profit will also be considered a commercial property. Another type of commercial property is large residential rental units. 

If you own a commercial property and you intend to let someone else conduct business out of it, it is pertinent that you draw up a commercial contract. 

Commercial Contract

The definition of a commercial contract is a general contract that legally binds and obligates one party to conduct a certain activity or prohibits them from doing a certain activity. It is important that legal advice is sought before entering into a commercial contract as this will help you understand the legalities of the contract as well as give you a clear picture of what happens during any contract disputes.

Types of Contracts

There are two main types of commercial contracts; written and verbal, both of which can be formal or informal. Verbal contracts, however, can be hard to enforce if they are not properly documented. Most commercial contracts outline various aspects of business activity, including those related to employee safety, hiring, wages, and the types of activities that can be conducted on the commercial property.

The Process

Commercial contracts consist of at least two parties in which one party requests that the other party, or parties, carry out, or not carry out, one or more activities. The contract will consist of clearly defined terms that all parties must agree on before signing and putting the contract into effect. If a person fails to act on the agreement, then a breach of the contracts takes place. A party in breach can then be summoned to court and the court will then enforce the agreement.  

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If you would like to learn more about commercial properties and commercial contracts, including how you can protect yourself with commercial insurance, please contact The Sanford Group serving the Ball Ground, GA area. 

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