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Why Commercial Insurance Is Necessary for Your Startup

Launching a startup is always an incredible way to cultivate an innovative idea into a business that can grow to become a multinational. However, you will face a wide range of challenges from the time you launch your startup to the time you start gaining stability.

It is always important to have the right protection from the very beginning so that you can focus on what matters most. The Sanford Group offers a comprehensive business insurance coverage to all startups in Georgia. We are here to protect you against a myriad of costly circumstances such as property destruction. Here are the top reasons why commercial insurance is necessary for your startup.

It Guards Your Valuable Human Assets

As a startup, you may be having some key human personnel with specific skill sets who help your business generate a lot of profit. It is therefore recommended that you insure these people with the “key man” insurance policy. This is simply a life insurance policy that falls under commercial insurance that will protect your startup in case of death or critical illness. This policy covers loss of profit, increased workloads as well as disruption of development plans.

Some Aspect of the Commercial insurance is a Legal Requirement

Georgia law requires all businesses with employees to provide specific types of insurance to their workers. This includes unemployment, workers’ compensation, and disability insurance. Failure to oblige with the legal requirements can result in civil/criminal penalties, fines, or exclusion from public contracts which can easily bring down your startup.

Helps You Protect Your Protect Your Property

One of the most significant expenses of a startup is usually the money spend on purchasing the equipment that it needs to kickstart its operations. Commercial insurance protects your physical property against damage or theft. Some of the instances that can lead to property damage include fire, wind and hail storms, and vandalism. It’s wise to protect your valuable business property from such scenarios with commercial property coverage.

Are you an entrepreneur running a startup? Contact The Sanford Group today for a comprehensive commercial insurance policy.

5 Facts You Didn’t Know About Life Insurance

We have insurance on almost all the material things we own, but never think of ourselves. Think of your children, spouse, siblings, parents, and anyone who depends on you. What would happen to them when you are gone? Life insurance is the answer. It gives you peace of mind knowing that you have provided your loved ones with the financial stability they will need during the most difficult time of their life. That said here are some of the facts you didn’t know about life insurance in Ball Ground, GA:
A source of income if you are disabled
You can receive benefits when still alive. Policyholders suffering from terminal or critical illness to an extent they can’t perform their daily activities, can tap into part of their benefits.
Builds up cash value
Life Insurance increases in value over time. The premiums you pay to your policy grow at a given interest rate. The extra cash value is yours to use should you need it.
Affordable premium rates
Just like any other insurance policy, you can get a policy at different premium rate; expensive or cheaper. You can also reduce your premiums by staying healthy.
Other Uses of life insurance
Life Insurance can be used by the beneficiary for any financial need they have. Whether it’s paying the mortgage, loss of income or even settling debts.
Permanent or Term life insurance
With term life insurance you get coverage for an exact period of time while for permanent life insurance you get long term coverage for as you live. If you live in Ball Ground, GA then, contact a local agent at The Sanford Group, to know which one suits you the most.
It’s important to re-evaluate your policy especially when you undergo major life transformation. Take the right step in taking care of your loved ones even when you are gone. 
Contact The Sanford Group today and get all the information about Life Insurance including commercial life insurance.

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