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Home Insurance Trends to Watch in 2018

Your home is probably the most valuable asset that you will own in your entire life. A standard homeowners’ insurance policy insures not only your home structure but also your personal belongings and liability in Ball Ground, GA. The Sanford Group homeowners’ insurance covers a wide variety of disasters which provides the much-needed peace of mind. There are lots of trends in the home insurance industry that are shaping how homeowners purchase home insurance and how they file claims. Digital transformation is revolutionizing every industry in the modern world, and the insurance sector hasn’t been left behind. Here are some of the home insurance trends to look out for in 2018.

Easier and Faster Claims Process

In the past, when an incident occurred, the homeowners in Ball Ground, GA had to preserve everything as there were and begin the agonizing process of reaching their insurance agents. However, with the introduction of mobile technology, everything is fast-changing.  The claim process is becoming easier and faster. You can just take photographs of the damage and send them to your agent. We expect this to become a common home insurance claim procedure in 2018.

Introduction of the Self-Service Dashboards

There is always a unique beauty in every dashboard. We have seen the dashboards in grocery stores and restaurants, and the trend is expected to shit to home insurance in 2018. The Millennials who are beginning to buy homes want to get everything done as quickly as possible with just a click of the button. It will make a lot of sense to them if they can file a claim or get an instant quote just by the click of a button.

Insurance as a Service (IaaS)

This is another trend that will become tremendous in 2018. Insurance as a Service allows homeowners to insure their expensive household items such as cameras, selectively when they are only in use. This should see the home insurance premium come down since not everything covered by the policy is insured wholesomely.

Do you want to learn more about the home insurance? Call The Sanford Group today for more information.


Can Your Friend Drive Your Car Under Your Policy?

Your friends may be able to count on you, but can you count on your insurance company to cover them if they’re driving your car? Whether it’s a true emergency or your friend just begs to drive your car for fun, The Sanford Group wants you to learn more about what would happen if there was an accident on the road. 

How It Works 

Naming your friend on your insurance policy will give them access to all the benefits you already have. The insurance company will need to run your friend’s record before allowing them to be officially named, but there’s no difference in the level of coverage between anyone listed on the policy. (Just be aware that if you’re the primary driver, then your insurance may go up in the event of an accident.) However, if someone who isn’t named on the insurance policy, then the matter becomes more complicated. 

Understanding Coverage 

Usually, it’s the owner of the car who will be on the hook if your friend happens to drive it and then later be declared at fault for an accident. If your friend has insurance coverage, there’s a possibility that their insurance company will take some responsibility, but it’s not guaranteed. In Ball Ground, GA, drivers are encouraged to exercise caution when it comes to who they let drive their cars. In the case of a very new driver or one without a license, the consequences can be that much more severe should something happen. 

The Sanford Group is happy to help the residents of Ball Ground, GA learn more about how their auto insurance policy works. Give us a call today if you’re looking to find out more about your policy or if you’re shopping around for new coverage!


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