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How Much Worker’s Compensation Insurance Does Your Business Need in Ball Ground, GA?

If you own a business in the Ball Ground, GA area, you can contact the agents of the Sanford Group for all of your commercial insurance needs. This includes Worker’s Compensation and other types of liability insurance. Most states require that every business that has more than one employee carry Worker’s Compensation insurance to protect both the business and the employee from financial loss.

The Size and Type of Your Business

The size and type of your business will determine how much Worker’s Compensation is needed to adequately protect your investment. For example, a small office with less than ten employees will require much less insurance than a large manufacturing company that uses large pieces of equipment and has over a hundred employees. Because the states regulate Worker’s Compensation insurance, your cost will vary from state to state.

Minimizing Your Liability

There are ways you can reduce your liability in many cases. Providing adequate training and certification programs ensures that employees understand the safety measures they need to follow as they perform their duties. Making sure each employee has the necessary safety equipment to protect them from harm is also important. Taking measures like these may reduce your liability and actually lower your insurance costs.

Agents at the Sanford Group specialize in helping commercial business owners in the Ball Ground, GA area protect themselves from financial devastation. A work-related injury can be a stressful financial setback, especially if your company is new or relatively small. Our agents can make sure your business has the coverage it needs to be fully protected from this type of loss. Call and schedule an appointment with an agent at your earliest convenience to make sure your business has the amount of insurance you need to protect your employees.

Is Your Inventory Up to Date on Your Home Insurance?

When you bought the Ball Ground, GA house you signed on the bottom line for home insurance from the Sanford Group. You probably were simply thrilled to own a place to live and didn’t have a bunch of fine furnishings or valuable artwork to worry about.  As the years went by you added to your coin collection, bought your spouse some nice jewelry, and even built that home theater you always wanted.  But you didn’t update the personal property of your insurance policy, did you? It might be time to do just that.

Replace Valuables with Full Value Selected on Your Home Insurance

Many home insurance policies will cover your personal belongings at their replacement value–which is often how much the used item is worth at the time of loss. This doesn’t differentiate between a framed print of a beautiful landscape and the Picasso handed down through your family.  When you have accumulated some precious items, it is time to add Actual Replacement Value to your policy along with an itemized list of collectibles in your possession. 

Remember Jewelry, Collectibles, and Art

The types of items you need to include on this list are ones that are unique and can’t be found on the store shelves.  The diamond necklace you purchased for your twentieth wedding anniversary, your collection of autographed baseballs and even rare collections of China should be assessed for their proper value. Guns, stamps, antique toys and fine furniture you may also wish to add. 

Include Your Designer Clothing and Shoes

Normally clothing would not need to be on your inventory list.  But if you are spending several thousand dollars for shoes, pocketbooks, and coats, you may wish to have the collection valued for insurance purposes.

If you have any questions about your Ball Ground, GA home insurance policy, give your friendly agent a call at The Sanford Group today.

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