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Reasons to Build a House on the Lake

If you are considering building a new house, or even buying one, there are several factors to consider. From location to the size of the home, you will need to carefully all of these factors to help ensure you build or buy the best home for you and your family. If you are thinking about building a house on the lake, you should know there are many benefits of doing so. In fact, here’s a close look at the top three reasons families love living on the lake. 

1) There is something to do all year long

When you live on the lake, you can rest assured there is a little something for everyone to do all year long. During the warmer months of the year when the water is up, you and your family can enjoy going on a boat, fishing, swimming, and much more. Just remember, when out on the water, you will definitely want you and all your family members to be safely secure in a life jacket. 

2) The scenery is absolutely breathtaking

Imagine waking up every day to the beautiful scenery of the lake. Whether it be looking out your front porch or back patio, a view of the lake is a great way to start each morning. You’ll also have beautiful views of the trees and other scenery if you build in a part that has lots of shade coverage. 

3) Homes on the lake have good value

If you build on the lake, you can rest assured that your home will likely keep its value as well as increase in value over the years. If you are wanting to build a home and then sell it a few years down the road, a home on the lake is a great way to make extra money. 

Contact The Sanford Group serving the Ball Ground, GA area to learn about properly insuring your home on the lake. 

Most Common Auto Accidents

No two auto accidents are the same. There are always different variations, road conditions and situations at hand. However, the kind of accident is often similar. At The Sanford Group we know there are common kinds of accidents based on how vehicles run into one another. So, whether your vehicle is in Ball Ground, GA or a nearby city, we are here to inform you on the most common auto accidents. 

Rear End 

This is by far the most common form of car accident. Typically it occurs either when one car stops suddenly, causing another vehicle to do the same, or one driver is not paying attention and hits the car in front of it at a light, rear end accidents are usually slower moving accidents. That doesn’t mean your vehicle does not sustain extreme damage though. Even with a minor fender bender it is a good idea to file a police report and contact your insurance provider. 

Parked Car

Whether navigating through a parking lot or just driving past cars parked on the street, hitting a parked car is considered an auto accident and it is the second most common kind of accident. As is the case with a rear end accident, this usually occurs when either the driver is not paying attention or someone in the parked vehicle opens their door without looking. 


This occurs in Georgia a good deal as well, as losing traction with the pavement during a rain storm can lead to a one car accident. 

While these are the most common auto accidents in the United States, there are other kinds of accidents you may experience. At The Sanford Group, we are here to help you with your Ball Ground, GA vehicle. So whether you’re looking for new car insurance or have questions regarding a current policy, give us a call at your convenience. 

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