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4 Ways to Keep Your Home Safe from Holiday Burglars

Holiday vacations are common for homeowners in Ball Ground, GA. You might have planned one yourself. But while it’s tempting to cast your cares during the most wonderful time of the year, it’s important to be wary of thieves who take advantage of the season to break in and steal. Follow these four tips from The Sanford Group to protect your home from real-life ‘Grinches’ and enjoy your holiday vacation.

1. Refrain from Broadcasting on Social Media

Posting about your vacation may seem fun, but it’s a tip-off to burglars. Be street-smart about the internet just like in public, and don’t talk about your trip to even relatives or friends. Only tell your neighbors and immediate family who will watch your home. If they don’t need to know, don’t talk about it.

2. Make Your Home Look Lived-In

Convicted burglars admitted to Portland, OR authorities that the best way to secure your home is to make it look like its lived-in. Leave your lights, radio, and TV on, and keep an extra car in the driveway.

3. Large Heavy Safes Win

If you plan to get a safe, buy a heavy large one that bolts to the wall or floor and have the code with you at all times. This kind of safe is too much time and work for burglars and they will leave it alone.

4. Befriend Your Neighbors

Taking care of your neighbors is excellent home security. Bake them holiday treats and get to know them. You’ll do each other a favor if you report suspicious neighborhood activity.

Have a safe and happy Holidays! If you have any questions how home insurance can cover you from burglary, contact The Sanford Group serving Ball Ground, GA at 678-454-0661.

Got a Ticket – What Will Driving School Do?

Getting a ticket for speeding or a traffic violation happens to all kinds of people from all kinds of life. No matter what the background, a traffic ticket in Ball Ground, GA or elsewhere involves more than just a hefty fine. It also includes a mark on one’s driving record, and it can include penalties depending on the seriousness of violation. And finally, it has a direct impact on one’s car insurance, driving up the cost due to being a higher risk as a driver. However, just because a person gets a ticket doesn’t mean that one is automatically going to face a hefty bump in a car insurance premium.

Drivers in Ball Ground, GA and elsewhere often have the choice of driving school after a violation. Often provided for first time violations, driving school is the system’s way of providing a driver a second chance. It typically involves a full day like a Saturday (about eight hours of education), a quiz at the end, and then certification that the driver attended. It’s more than likely that the driver will also be taught about the ramifications of reckless driving, how to drive safely, and what to remember when caught in a bad situation for emergencies. The quiz is simply to make sure the driver was paying attention during the day and the lesson sunk in. Once complete the school completion then goes back to traffic court and wipes out the traffic violation. That means it never goes on the driver’s record, and no related negative impact to insurance coverage. Ideally, the training should make a person a better driver, but avoiding the mark on the record is a big plus as well.

To find out if driving school is available in the Ball Ground, GA area, talk to The Sanford Group for more information.

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