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How to Save Money on Home Insurance in Georgia

"Save money on your insurance!" It’s a topic often talked about these days. Whether we’ve heard the spiel from a talking animal, a witty sales rep, or the local Ball Ground, GA, insurance agent, it seems that we’ve had more than our fair share. But in practical terms, few of us know that realistic ways to save on home insurance do exist, and they’re recommended by U.S. government officials. Let’s review four of those tips today from your friends at The Sanford Group.

1. Give Your Home a Little TLC

Did you know that you can get discounts on your premium with simple home improvements? New storm shutters, a security system, and updated electrical or plumbing systems can make it less disaster prone. Insurance agents will also take notice and could give you a discount for your extra effort.

2. The Land and House Are Different Values

Unlike your mortgage payment, you don’t need to count the land in your insurance premium since it’s not threatened by fire, flood, or vandalism. This fact alone can save you quite a bit on home insurance.

3. Buy More than One Policy from the Same Agent

Sometimes insurance companies will give you a 5-15% discount when you buy two or more policies from them. Make sure the sum total costs less than the other options, though.

4. Review Your Policy Once a Year

Values of items do change, so it’s important that the insurance covering them reflects that. Make sure you stay current by reviewing what you have with your agent at least once each year.

Like the tips you see? Contact The Sanford Group in Ball Ground, GA! You can email our agents for real advice about home insurance, anytime.

Don’t Settle for Minimums with Home Insurance

In your search for the best rate for home insurance in Ball Ground, GA, you may be tempted to get the lowest cost insurance. Although the lowest cost insurance is great for budgets, when you need it most, it may not be enough to cover you and your family.

Choose a Lower Deductible

Many people attempt to reduce the cost of their monthly home insurance premium by getting selecting a higher deductible. Yes, a larger deductible may be an attractive option money-wise, but if you don’t have the deductible following a loss, what will you do? Some insurance providers allow you to use a portion of the money that covers your home, but what if you need every penny of that money to rebuild your home? Instead of choosing a large deductible, choose a deductible you can afford to pay in the event of a loss.

Increase the Amount of Coverage You Have on Your Home

Often, homeowners choose a home insurance policy and keep it for years without reevaluating the policy. Of course, it is great to maintain home insurance, but the cost of replacing your home could increase year after year. If you ignore your insurance policy or opt to choose the minimum level of coverage, it’s possible that you won’t have enough insurance to cover replacing your home. You should inquire about getting more insurance to offset the cost of inflation and increases in materials.

Get Expert Advice About the True Cost of Replacing Your Home

A general analysis of the cost to replace your home may not be a great place to start with home insurance. If you have a customized home with a lot of unique architectural features, the cost of replacing your home could be more than what a general assessment determines. In instances like this hiring an expert to assess the value of your home can help you determine the amount of money needed to replace your home in the event of a loss. Although this may be more than the minimum home insurance needed, you reduce your chances of being underinsured.

At The Sanford Group, our goal is to ensure that you have the home insurance coverage you need when you need it most. If you have questions about your home insurance, we can help you determine if your policy meets your needs.


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