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Spruce Up Your Ride with These Easy Car Cleaning Tips

Even if your vehicle is looking a bit dull and worn, you can spruce up your ride so it looks great again. While you could pay to have a professional take care of the cleaning for you, it’s possible to transform your car on your own. Use these easy car cleaning tips to make your ride look great.

Tip #1 – Shine Up the Lights

After several years, oxidation results in headlights looking yellowish and cloudy – not the look you want for your ride. Not only does this look bad, it limits the light coming from your headlights. Instead of paying big bucks for a buffing compound for the lights, use some toothpaste. Put a bit on a rag and rub at the headlights. Rinse with a bit of water and you’ll be amazed at how great the lights look.

Tip #2 – Polish the Windows

Getting shiny, streak-free windows is easy and cheap. Simply mix ¼ cup of rubbing alcohol with ¼ cup of white vinegar. Combine this mixture with two cups of water and add a couple drops of lemon essential oil to the mixture. After mixing well, place in a spray bottle and use it to clean your windows, windshield, and mirrors. They’ll look great, especially if you use some old newspapers to wipe down all the glass.

Tip #3 – Clean the Dash

If your dashboard is looking a bit dirty ad grimy, make it look like new by cleaning it with a cloth that is slightly damp. This eliminates grime and dust. If the dash is stained, you can use some mild laundry soap. Avoid using abrasive cleaners, since they can discolor or scratch your dashboard. Use a dry, clean, soft cloth to wipe away any leftover moisture or soap when you’re done.

After you spruce up your ride, make sure it’s well protected with the right insurance. Review your current policy or get a new auto insurance quote from The Sanford Group today.

Importance of Car Cleaning in Ball Ground, Georgia

Cleaning your car on a regular basis in Ball Ground, Georgia is important for a number of reasons. For one, it keeps your car looking good and helps the resale value of it in the future. Another reason actually has to do with the auto insurance policy like The Sanford Group, who serves the greater Ball Ground area. The cleaner you keep your vehicle, the less of a chance you will have an accident due to filthy mirrors, windows or headlights, which will cause your premiums to go up overall. Below are some details and suggestions about the importance of keeping your car clean in Ball Ground, Georgia.


Being able to see clearly from as many angles as possible while driving down the road is critical to your safety and the safety of others. So make sure you get into a habit of cleaning these parts of your vehicle on a regular basis. Mix up vinegar, rubbing alcohol and a couple cups of water into a spray bottle and have a stack of old newspapers on hand to wipe down the window and mirrored surfaces any time they become dirty. That way, you’ll have less of a chance of an accident due to bad visibility.


Old plastic headlight covers can get cloudy due to oxidation over time. With toothpaste and rag, you can scrub this cloudiness out, allowing your headlights to shine brighter and clearer when you are driving, especially at night.


The cleaner the reflective surfaces of your car are in general, the easier it will be for others on the road to see you. This can also prevent an accident in the future, so make sure your car is as clean as possible so that other drivers, bicyclists or pedestrians can react.

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