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How to Prepare for a Hurricane

In Ball Ground, GA you are not likely to be hit directly by a hurricane. That doesn’t mean you won’t be pelted with strong wind and heavy rains. This is one of the most dangerous times of the year, so to protect your family and your property investment, make sure to take advantage of these preparation tips offered by The Sanford Group. It is always best to practice precaution, no matter how strong the storm. 

Remove Tree Limbs

Look over your property. If you have any dead trees or limbs on the last leg of life, it is time to remove it all. When the strong wind hits these become deadly projectiles. Remove all of this before the storm hits. It is best to look over your property during the hurricane off-season and prep property at this time. 

Cover the Windows

The area most likely damaged on your home are the windows. While you might remove the dead trees and limbs on your property, it doesn’t mean everyone in the neighborhood did. Plus, strong enough wind can turn almost anything into a projectile. Cover each window with plywood. Instead of using nails to attach the plywood, drill holes into the wood 18 inches apart. This way, it can secure into your home (nails can strip out based on the strength of the wind and are easier for you to remove after the storm). It is best to use 1/2 inch plywood. 

Does Your Home Flood?

Some homes are more likely to flood. This might be based on the location of the home or simply the foundation of the home. If it floods due to the foundation, this is something you need to have looked into during the offseason. In the immediate future, fill sandbags and place in lower areas of your property. This helps prevent water from running into the sunken areas, pooling up and flooding into your home. 

What to Put in Your Vehicle’s Emergency Toolkit

Each day you drive your car you avoid many risks that could lead you becoming disabled along the side of the road. However, there will be a day in which you can’t avoid an emergency. As a result, our staff at The Sanford Group thinks it’s important that you have the tools necessary to handle typical roadside emergencies.

Tool #1. You should have a multi-purpose charger.

One of the best tools you can have in your car is a multi-purpose charger. Beyond charging your battery, this device has other gadgets incorporated in the design that will help you overcome many car problems. For instance, many have air pumps included so that you can pump a flat.

Tool #2. You should have a multi-purpose screwdriver.

Whether you need to loosen a bolt or strip wires, there is a multi-purpose screwdriver for that. In fact, many manufacturers make one device that can perform many different tasks on your car. With this handy, there isn’t much you can’t fix on the side of the road.

Tool #3. You should have a first aid kit.

A medical emergency is another reason you and your family may have to pull over to the shoulder of the road. If you are facing a medical emergency, you have to have a first aid kit. A first aid kit will help you eliminate life-threatening injuries and situations, allowing you to get your family member safely to a medical facility.

At The Sanford Group, your safety is our top priority. We offer various insurance coverage options, including auto insurance coverage to ensure your safety on the road. If you are in the market for insurance, take a look at the coverage we offer on our website. You can also call us to inquire about the auto insurance coverage you should have for your vehicle.

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