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How to Maintain Your Car This Fall

Taking care of your car in the fall is important. Not only does it prepare you for the upcoming winter, it can help extend the life of your vehicle and keep it running great all year long. Here are three things to consider.

Perform General Maintenance Tasks

One of the most important ways to take care of your car this fall is by performing general maintenance tasks. Get your oil changed and fluids topped off. Check your battery to make sure it is performing as well as it can. Replace worn windshield wipers and any burned out light bulbs. Handling these easy items now is much easier before winter hits, so you will want to make sure you get as many done as possible.

Inspect Your Tires

In addition to performing general maintenance tasks, it is also important to look over your tires. Inspect them thoroughly for any damage to the rubber and determine how much tread life you have left. Have a professional rotation done and replace any bad tires now before winter weather arrives. Look over your spare and make sure it is completely ready for any unexpected flats or blowouts.

Create a Winter Emergency Kit

Creating a winter emergency kit is another essential fall car maintenance task. Include normal supply items, such as road flares, a basic first aid kit, and jumper cables. Add in any basic tools, mechanics gloves, and a tire iron for sudden repairs. Keep a can of deicer, a warm blanket, and a change of dry clothes on hand in case of bad weather.

What else should you do in the fall? Review your auto insurance coverage, of course! At the Sanford Group, we help Georgia car owners find the right policy to suit their needs. Please contact us today to schedule a coverage review or for a no-obligation quote.

Ball Ground Students Can Save On Car Insurance

If you’re a student in Ball Ground, you likely want to save money on auto insurance. Not having a policy is not an option because it is required by the state. The good news is that there are discounts, and you may qualify for a few of them.

Discounts are a big part to helping you save on car insurance. You will want to look at “good student” discounts, which reward you for having a higher GPA. There is a strong correlation to show that good students are safer on the roads. If you make the dean’s list, it may be worth an even bigger discount.

If you are a safe driver, this can work to your advantage as well. Insurance companies want to see that you are safe on the roads – and they are going to look at your driving history in order to determine just how safe you have been. The cleaner your history is, the better chance you have of lowering your car insurance premiums.

There are some other ways that you can save on your car insurance as well, including:

  • Taking a defensive driving course
  • Living closer to campus
  • Driving a car with a variety of safety features
  • Comparing quotes

Comparing quotes is one of the most important aspects to help you save because not all insurance companies operate the same way. Some may offer more discounts to you in Ball Ground than others and the comparison process will help you determine who offers what.

Contact us at The Sanford Group today. We have insurance agents who work independently of any one insurance company in Georgia. This is another way we help you save on auto insurance in Ball Ground. It doesn’t matter where you go to school – we can help you find the discounts.


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