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Storm Damage to Georgia Roof

Wind, water, lightning or tree branches from a storm can cause damage to your roof. That’s enough trouble, but when you see the secondary damage to your home and personal property, the headaches really begin. Water can damage ceilings, walls and floors, along with artwork, photos, furniture and carpets. That’s when you get an education on homeowners insurance.

Perils covered in your GA homeowners insurance ordinarily include but aren’t limited to explosion, fire, lightning, wind, hail, burglary and personal property. For particularly valuable items like artwork, jewelry or antiques, we offer special endorsements that specify coverage for itemized personal property. Your policy also covers you for liability for personal injury on the premises. We can even set you up with umbrella liability coverage for large claims that might arise.

We’re independent insurance agents that live and work in GA. We’re established and reputable members of the community, and we want to see you, your family, your home and your personal property fully covered against any damage, loss or claim. Because we work with multiple insurers, we offer you choices of who will insure you, what coverage they’ll provide, along with how much and when you’ll pay for premiums. Agents for the "big three" companies aren’t going to give you those choices. They’re not permitted to because they’re tied to one company.

With us, the choices you can select from involve long established quality insurance companies. The information we provide you with is objective and unbiased because we’re not married to one insurer. We’ll make you aware of special endorsement or umbrella coverage so that you might be fully insured for any covered loss.

Whether you’re buying your first home or just window shopping, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’ll be pleased to talk to you.

What Happens If I’M Hit In A Parking Lot?

Mountain Park, GA is found on the western side of the state. It is zoned entirely for residential, so there are no commercial or industrial zones throughout. All residents have to work from home or commute for work and much of this is the appeal of the town. It is designated as a wildlife refuge and offers some incredible views of the nearby mountains.

When you buy automobile insurance, you have to look at what you’re going to be covered against.

For example, if you’re hit in a parking lot, you want to be able to file a claim and have it paid so you are not responsible for the costs out of pocket. Whether it’s a ding, a scratch, or an out and out hit, it can add up to a lot and you don’t want to be the one to eat the costs if you don’t have to.

There are ways to make sure you have sufficient coverage for it all.

1. Look for all the coverage options

2. Go beyond the minimum requirements in GA

3. Work with agents

We have independent agents to help you with automobile insurance in Mountain Park, GA. This way, we can discuss the need for comprehensive insurance so you are covered against what could happen when you get hit in a parking lot or anything else, such as hail damage.

When you have the necessary coverage and you are hit, you can call your insurance company. They will help you file a claim and once the paperwork is done, you can get your car repaired by just paying the deductible.

Call and talk to one of our agents today where we can help you get the necessary coverage so you never have to wonder about the “what if” scenarios with you and your car.

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