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Auto Insurance: Explore Liability Limits

Throughout Georgia, there are a number of big cities, including Atlanta, Savannah, and Macon. Even outside of these big cities, there are attractions. There are mountains, valleys, rivers, and a lot of recreation. The state is a southern one and is known for its pecans and peaches.

Plenty of people visit the state every year, even if they are driving through on their way to somewhere else. As such, there are a lot of cars on the road and auto insurance needs to be a primary focus.

You are always going to be liable for property damage that you cause when involved in an accident. If you cause $50,000 worth of damage, you will want to make sure that you have these limits within your auto insurance policy. The state of Georgia requires you to hold a minimum amount of liability for personal injury as well as property damage.

In many instances, a severe accident will exceed the minimum state requirements for liability. This is why it’s a good idea to explore some of the liability limits. You can increase the coverage. Since you are liable for it all, increasing the coverage can help you to minimize the chances of having to pay anything out of pocket.

One of our independent agents can show you how affordable it can be to increase your property liability. You may be able to double or even triple the state minimum and only increase your premium by a small amount of money.

Auto insurance in Georgia is meant to protect you and it can only do so if you have the coverage within your policy. Call and talk to one of our agents where we can discuss liability limits and get you quotes along the way for purposes of comparison.

Does Your Home-Based Business in Ball Ground, GA Need Commercial Insurance?

Home-based businesses are becoming very popular in the United States, including here in Ball Ground, GA where the population is fewer than 2,000. You may be a talented and educated graphic designer or you choose to sell Mary Kay or Avon products out of your home in one of the beautiful neighborhood communities, which include Ivy Meadow, Laurel Ridge Estates or Woodhaven Bend.

What's Wrong With Home-Based Businesses?

Although there is nothing wrong with working out of your home, the problem lies within the fact that many of these home business owners do not have the proper insurance coverage and protection that is needed. It is a common misconception that homeowners insurance will cover the home-based business.

What Coverage Is Missing?

Most home business owners require additional protection that goes beyond their standard homeowners insurance policy. Here are just a few types of business coverage that is lacking and how it is beneficial to the business and its owner:

  • Premises Liability – Let's say that you placed a significant order for your home-based business and it is being delivered by FedEx. As the FedEx driver is approaching your home with the package(s), he or she trips and falls over something in your yard, such as a basketball or yard gnome. Your homeowners policy is not going to cover the liability claim filed by the driver.

  • Off-Premises Liability – Just because an incident occurs away from your home, it doesn’t mean you won't be held liable. Let's say you are a real estate agent that works out of your home for your own company. A lot of the work you do is at the homes that you are selling. When you are showing a home to a potential buyer and he or she trips and falls, you may be held liable for the client's injuries. A business insurance policy is going to be necessary in order to cover the costs associated with such a risk.

  • Business Property – If you are a graphic designer that works out of his or her home, then you rely heavily on your software and your computer. Without these, you would be unable to perform your job to its fullest extent. In fact, you couldn't perform your job at all. If your computer was to get stolen or damaged, your homeowners policy may not cover the entire value of your equipment. Extra coverage is essential.

Every home-based business in Georgia is different, but it is crucial that you consider speaking to an independent agent about your business. One of our commercial insurance agents would be happy to evaluate your situation and discuss with you the type of coverage that you may need to ensure that you don't find yourself in a rut with your business.

Problems That Can Be Fixed With Homeowner’s Insurance

Ball Ground, GA may be a small area with a small population, but this town in Cherokee County has many homes that have a higher value than homes throughout the rest of the state. With being close to the Etowah River and a community that enjoys having events all year long, it’s desirable to live here. You simply want to make sure your home is well taken care of.

You don’t want to have problems with your home and that’s why you need homeowner’s insurance in Ball Ground. If there is a problem with your home in GA, you should be able to file a claim with your insurance company and be confident that it will be accepted. This gives you the money to fix a sinking porch, foundation problems, missing shingles and more.

Throughout GA, there are homes that experience a sinking porch. Some of this has to do with flooding and weather problems and some has to do with a poor foundation. Whatever the problem is, you want to be confident that homeowner’s insurance will cover it.

Your policy may or may not cover everything. There are different types of coverage. Basic policies will often cover theft and storm damage, but even then, you have to look at specifically what it includes. The foundation on your home in Ball Ground may have shifted over the years and with a big storm that results in a lot of rainfall, problems may start to occur.

Whether it’s a sinking porch, a sinking home or other problems, you want to be able to file a claim so you get the money to make the repairs without the money coming out of your own pocket.

Contact us today so we can help you with all of your insurance needs.

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